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Is Exercise the Answer to Obesity?

Is Exercise the Answer to Obesity?
Is Exercise the Answer to Obesity?

Is Exercise the Answer to Obesity? Our society is riddled with misconceptions. Type A trainers, with ultra, gym honed bodies, ‘driving’ American Obese to lose a ‘ton’ of weight! Public fixate on discipline, implicated Reality Shows like “Biggest Loser”…unfortunate double meaning of “Loser”! Recidivism rate awful…just  straight back ‘up’ the scale with returned ‘poundage’…once ‘trainer vanished! How pointless whole “exercise” was!

Numbers of ‘obese’ skyrocketing every year…now exported world wide. Articles on this WEB continually decry social impatience with the obese. Reason…it’s ultimately the social hook of High Fructose Corn Syrup…or HFCS. Out of control hormones result from our deplorable diets. Contributors yes…lifestyle…office culture…stress…birth history…caesarian?…breast feeding…infant food…exercise…all relevant! BUT Do you really think ‘overflowing’ person sitting in middle airline seat, really wants to be like that? No amount of so called ‘discipline’ will solve this issue. Missing are techniques to rapidly turn OBESITY ship around! Our articles emphasize duality companies like Coca-Cola..implication exercise is to blame.

Is Exercise the Answer to Obesity? No one can exercise way out poor diet! Obesity is rooted Metabolic Dysfunction. Heck…if our medical profession had more insight into nutrition, in training, careers, that might be a start!

Shorthand advice! To lose weight…our bodies have to relearn our DNA ability to burn fat…Starters: we need to up our FAT intake…believe it or not! We need to exceed more that 50% diet…and push for 75% our daily calories to come from beneficial, non saturated and saturated fats…like Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil…I even countenance Butter and Ghee or clarified butter…best from ‘grass fed’ organic milk…in fact everything organic!! including grass fed meats…raw nuts like macadamias, pecans, almonds. Oils from fast moving wild fish, like salmon, krill oil, sardines…anchovies! Result: an emphasis on omega 3’s as opposed to 6’s…of which we have far too much!! Knock back the Carbs! that means all Sugars! High Fructose Corn Syrup…HFCSs…permeated everywhere… caution unless young…under 35!..cut out the 10 oz steaks! Now finally…my shorthanded advice…to really accelerate the fat burn: step up that paleo-inherited KETOSIS…and limit food intake to an eight hour window in any day! Personally skip breakfast..enjoy black coffee in the morning! Lunch first meal, and dinner second, last meal…end at least three hours before retiring! Weight will just shed! So to revisit the question: Is Exercise the Answer to Obesity? Simply put… NO!