Ignite Our Obesity Unstoppable Trend!

    Our Obesity Fight!
    Our Obesity Fight!

    Tim Noakes still survives viscous establishment inquisition South Africa. His licence as a physician, and ostracism from his ‘closed society’, including University Cape Town. Where a professor for 33 years. This marathon champion and athlete actually with originally an obesity problem, and failing to recognize!

    His learning REALLY significant for Obesity victims.
    His writings: “The Real Meal Revolution: Changing the World, One Meal at a Time,”. Also: “Lore of Running” in 2010. Noakes sheds 20 kilos..that’s almost 45 lbs!! I know that morbidly obese probably shrug as irrelevant as he active.
    BUT DRIVER for Noakes, my opinion, mainly intermittent fasting and strict carb counting. Obesity, is an accelerating, alarmingly unrelenting, out of control ‘manifest’ epidemic.

    I call this symptomatic of ‘Insulin Resistant Syndrome‘. Obesity trend is ‘travelling’, fast, worldwide. But good news, and Tim an example, is that obesity can be beaten. Read this Blog and get some enthusiasm from say Fasting!

    The Health Care systems are insensitive.
    On 25th April 2017, reading depressing commentary of plight Canadian Obese, in Vancouver Sun Newspaper. Canadian Obesity Summit April 26 to 28th. But these WEB articles of youngerhealthier.com scheduled for release ahead of time, so you may be reading weeks later.
    There discussion about insensitivity to Obese persons. Further effective ‘Non Care’ from Canadian Health Care. In addition resulting in discrimination based on misinformation and incorrect health assumptions. The estimated numbers of obese persons in 2014 worldwide are approximately 650 Million. But with an incredible projection in 2030 of excess of one Billion!
    Trend initiated in wealthy nations. This parallels agricultural industrialization and embracing of processed foods as a dietary norm. Associated resultant disease, some 75% health care costs US!

    Personally believe that those OBESE NOT helpless. This affliction can be beaten NOW.

    There are three food types: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Agree with Tim Noakes that for Obesity, an over obsession with our Carbs is over the top. With respect to Fats this Blog site discusses the good fats.

    BUT a driving force for shedding weight? It is KETOSIS and Partial Fasting. All of this we discuss and bring together. It is a multi-layered attack which is the key. Further it is amazing how food craving dramatically changes when Fat burning. Which is what Ketosis is, and what our bodies are DNA designed to ‘express’. Anyone obese without carbohydrate cravings? Let us just start that major start of battle.