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Coffee Cures Cancer!

Coffee Cures Cancer!
Coffee Cures Cancer!

I continually monitor and read Dr. Joseph Mercola, and have done so for years…his research and interviews brilliant, and he is cutting edge. But missed this particular coffee analysis, which I ‘caught’ from an entirely different health blog site at the following link. BUT origin refers back to Mercola blog respecting coffee and to me a groundbreaking and surprising new health benefit. I have always been partial to coffee, and have believed it has suffered a bad rap in the past…indeed I have specifically written about coffee in this respect, with an instinctual sense of the nutrient benefits…and that includes both caffeine and non-caffeine! But the present research passes in my opinion a new frontier. This should not be just a ho hum commentary BUT should be really emphasized because of it’s groundbreaking and amazing health benefits…just for the passive enjoyment of coffee! Think about it…Coffee Cures Cancer!

Example: Just drinking single cup of coffee daily seems to cut risk of developing serious liver cancer called hepatocellular…HCC..and by a fifth! According CBS Philly report, HCC is second most prevalent cause of death from cancer in the world. The drop of one fifth from one cup translates into a 19% lowered risk. BUT if more than one coffee taken a day, risk of liver cancer even lower.

Five cups of coffee a day associated with 50% drop in risk of incurring Hepatocellular…HCC…cancer! Coffee Cures Cancer!

Lead author Dr. Oliver Kennedy…University Southampton, working with University Edinburgh…cautioned caffeine not for all, including pregnant women. Remarkable another review 2013 in Spain, suggesting coffee has RANGE of health benefits, besides liver cancer. Includes lower incidences of neurological diseases…and various cancers, including endometrial cancer of the female reproductive organs. Indeed any cause mortality! Particularly, besides coffee suppressing several cancer…even, helps diabetes AND liver cirrhosis! MORE!: The National Cancer Institute at National Institute of Health and Yale School of Public Health reported ‘drinking coffee daily could reduce risk of cutaneous melanoma skin cancer…deadliest form of skin cancer…again…one cup by a fifth. BUT consuming four cups of caffeinated coffee a day was associated with a 20 percent decreased risk of malignant melanoma. Also seems to demonstrate cognitive advantages…for dementia?! another example of potential multi weapon for dementia & Alzheimer’s! Coffee Cures Cancer!