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Healthy sandwich with avocado and poached eggs

It seems that the long 100% condemnation of FATS is now almost over. On this Web we suggest higher % of fats. As much as 70%. BUT what fats are best for your health? Perhaps here we still compromise with complete vegetarianism. Our paleolithic origins certainly were primarily plant based over millions of years. The advent of fire, social interaction, hunting, and omnivore consumption in the last two million perhaps had a small impact! We are now in an explosion of metabolic syndrome diseases, with a growing obesity! One result is insulin resistance, which seems to affect both our Cardio Health, THE number one killer, AND another killer: Diabetes.  Sugars, fructose, in sodas for example, major problem. BUT also Mitochondrial dysfunction from the wrong fats. Bottom line, less animal based fats, and the more plant based, (oleate as opposed to palmitate!) the better…examples: nut, olive, avocado, coconut oils…..Fats & Health!

Message: back off on animal saturated fats, trans fats, margarine, partially hydrogenated, and refined vegetable oils! The result is actually less fat build up in muscle cells, and less insulin resistance. Fats & Health.

Tough articles on this Web: how important are our Mitochondria. This concept, besides being a major cancer producer, see Warburg Effect…. plays an important role here… There is now evident a parallel with Sugars and Saturated Animal fats. It’s more oxidative stress, more free radicals, and more inflammation.

Inflammation in the end is our Killer! Recently the Imperial College of London compared slim vegetarians to slim omnivores, and insulin resistance,…result more plant based, the more CARDIO PROTECTION, our number one killer… and protection for DIABETES, 7th. place, but gaining momentum rapidly. Fats & Health!