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Travel To Sun With Probiotics


If one’s lifestyle is balanced…and that means incorporating as much as possible the principles espoused on this WEB….one example: sufficient exposure to Sunlight to optimize vitamin D, that compensates for an almost universal deficiency in our Western Society! Another example: sufficient net Fiber for our Microbiome….then to ensure maximum protection when ‘on the road’…Travel To Sun With Probiotics!

From the very first breath you take, you’re exposed to probiotics..that is why Caesarian birth, unless medically vital, is not good! We now realize that a new medical frontier, our Microbiome is major important! Travel To Sun With Probiotics.

There are 10 times more bacteria there than cells in our body! This a a veritable immune planet of its own…80% of our immune system lives there and ONLY 10% of the cells there are of human origin whilst the 90% are microbial….keep these microbe microorganisms in the right balance! With prebiotics, mainly from non-digestible carbohydrate fibers (from plants! or believe it or not some raw natural honey..not too much as it’s a balance with the sugars!) that boost bacteria, AND probiotics, which are actually the billions of good bacteria, and SHOULD contain Lactobacillus acidophilus (DDS 1) a particularly favourable bacterial strain.

Other sources…fermented foods! AND YOGURT…but unfortunately most store bought are pasteurized and rendered useless..plus they contain unnecessarily large amounts of sugar! MAKE YOUR OWN YOGURT! Those frozen jogurts are really useless. When travelling make sure you carry a small package of probiotics…it is good immunity insurance…try to avoid jet lag… travel North South, just to avoid that issue! AND to the SUN! That’s where the vital natural sunlight vitamin D is. Our North American population, with its indoor/car activities, is grossly short, and in the NorthWest rain forest, even if we go outside, or on the ski-slopes, we really are short changed! Travel To Sun With Probiotics!