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Mitochondrial Health & Sun


I have often wondered why the Mediterranean diet is so effective for those living in the South of France despite their seemingly over consumption of alcohol (a carcinogenic), and the reality that red wine cannot produce any measurable quantity of Resveratrol! However, the largely plant based Mediterranean diet also helps our Mitochondria energy currents: adenosine triphosphate (ATPs), these produce free radicals, which we can amazingly manage with sources of polyphenols, plants produce them to fight off predators. We have adapted over eons of paleolithic development to utilize these to clean up our mitochondria! This hormesis strategy, therefore deploy, and somewhat sparingly and cautiously. Personally only use these supplements every now and then! The two fantastic polyphenols: Resveratrol and Astaxanthin, for Mitochondrial Health & Sun.

The Astaxanthin, lipid-soluble, an effective antioxidant. Resveratrol, water-soluble, likewise. I note this for my own future reference, when speaking! Key, not overdo the amount. Deploy both…not unremittingly. Thus, hormesis encourages positives. Mitochondrial Health & Sun.

Lastly, PUT sun exposure into the total equation…and I happen to think vitamin D generation from sunlight is the major piece to the Mediterranean jigsaw puzzle. I am convinced that natural year round sunlight in the South of France, is their lottery ticket, magnified, when combined with their diet.

Yes, our DNA inherited natural Vitamin D production is the clincher for our health and longevity. Unfortunately in a Toulouse, Dublin survey…..our Irish counterpart in the overcast, rainy antithesis! Hence dramatically poorer health results, over and above, explained by just diet. Certainly not alcohol and weight, where the French outdo the Irish on both counts…but French better vegetables, fruits…..the Irish only limited onions! Wow!….Mitochondrial Health & Sun.