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Bold Yoga Breathing Nasal Exercises

Bold Yoga Breathing Nasal Exercises
Bold Yoga Breathing Nasal Exercises

Wish I was much much younger with the knowledge I have now about breathing! I’m convinced that as a kid and teenager proper breathing techniques lead to optimal development. This particularly for one’s chest that is integral to breathing.

Have literally caught myself often just holding my breath that is crazy!

Our nose seems integral to our inherent genetic expressions. Both breathing in and out!

Recently have learned that this contributes to a nitric oxide…NO…dump. Using the mouth does not trigger any of these inborn genetic expressions!

As someone concerned about heart and vascular health, this is vital knowledge. It may offset the negatives of a high CAC score in that the vascular system is dilated.

Bone health can also be dramatically changed. This particularly affects that bain of the aged and that is osteoporosis. Nasal breathing may help offset sarcopenia, really another expression incorporating osteoporosis, that I did not realize way back!

It is essential that the osteoblasts build up bone density and the osteoclasts are controlled.

The standard calcium supplements may have the opposite effect.

This is particularly important for menopausal and postmenopausal females.

The key somehow is to reprogram the mind and body. At night it is useful to breathe through the nose. For maximizing the chance of this it is best to sleep on one’s side.

To avoid the classic on one’s back and mouth open snoring!

Really one is reprograming our autonomic system and that is tough. Once one is asleep who knows! But one can optimize and train.

That is why I like the exercises suggested in the video below. Really interesting is that this man actually has ‘got it’. He advocates breathing both in and out through the nose for each of his exercises! With Coffee he is silent on the IN.

I have seen so many so-called experts instructing with their mouths open!!

The three disciplines outlined are also useful.  These he descriptively calls Water, Whiskey, and Coffee!

Water, inhale for a count of four and exhale to a similar count of four. Breathing balanced and half normal rate.

The objective is a calming effect. But not too calm! It’s a balanced result. Remember through the nose only!

Whiskey, inhale for four and exhale for eight and repeat. After ten times one’s heart rate drops and heart pressure reduces!  Again only using the nose!

Coffee to recreate flight or fight primitive bodily response. Concentrate on 20 sharp short bursts out through the nose.

Try to only inhale through the nose that is my comment! our instructor really only concentrates on exhaling.

This Coffee should be used sparingly and only to get up and go purposes! Regimen seems early morning and mid-afternoon possibly.

Finally words of wisdom. When we came into this world we likely took first breath inhaling through the nose! And when we leave we likely exhale through the nose with our final breath! Bold Yoga Breathing Nasal Exercises.