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Weight Is Ballistic Joint Stress!

Weight Is Ballistic Joint Stress!
Weight Is Ballistic Joint Stress!

There are two fundamental enemies of joints…aside from auto immune disease…INJURY, usually from contact sports…and WEIGHT. Years I ran at daybreak for about 35 minutes…thank goodness it was limited distance, result some wear in right knee meniscus. Consequence:  Following this WEB advice…such as Protein Counting…for weight loss…I have intentionally taken 30 lbs off the equation without much problem…am at my teens boxing weight! payoff…I estimate every lb of weight equivalent four times that in ballistic stress…Weight Is Ballistic Joint Stress!

Optimum?…Following the important 5…Weight Is Ballistic Joint Stress!

1) OPTIMAL WEIGHT…again and important: each lb or kg of Body Mass…your Body Mass Index or ‘BMI’ again!… increases joint weight load by some 4 kilograms. I was fit at 168 lbs.. I relate the subsequent weight loss effectively as equivalent to carrying a 15 lb weight in each hand, but all day long and held continuously!…just walk around with like that for five minutes and you will graphically get my point! Imagine an analogy of much greater equivalent weight stress suffered by the now classified obese and almost taken as norm, overweight North American population…which is minimal 30%. Couple this with North American contact sport propensity…no wonder we have major problem. 2) EXERCISE…given 1)…must be tailored…Walking or Yoga for example may be a gentle start for openers… BUT Exercise! 3) Joints need real Omega-3…always from wild, fast moving Fish, or better… take Krill oil…but never Confined Animal Feed Operations, ‘CAFOs’, and I include both land and water ‘CAFO’ Fish operations. 4) Vitamin D essential for joints… and 70% of North Americans deficit…but the Vitamin D and Infra Red spectrum from Natural Sunlight the best! 5) Optimize Diet…limit Fructose generally but avoid like plague High Fructose Corn Syrup or ‘HFCS’… for joint protection…Uric Acid nightmare byproduct. Of course, cut down carbs, sugar, and sodas…and increase good fats! Following antioxidants excellent: Do not even follow my own advice and  reminder! 1) Astaxanthin; Free radical scavenger, also is a powerful oxidizer. 2) Boswellia, Indian Frankincense..bark sap…For eons, effective in India, and supposedly assists joint blood flow. But the typical rural Indian anyway light and lean…that helps enormously from a prevention point of view. Hyaluronic Acid or HA…said to assists nutrient supply for joint fluids, such as synovial fluid, where normal blood supply is naturally severely restricted… Weight Is Ballistic Joint Stress!