Home Healthy Lifestyle Hidden Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome Accelerates Aging & Deadly!

Hidden Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome Accelerates Aging & Deadly!

Hidden Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome Accelerates Aging & Deadly!
Hidden Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome Accelerates Aging & Deadly!


This is an expansion of basic Ivor Cummins message that personally 100% agree with and have mentioned and covered him in other postings on this site!

Here making the Vilfredo Pareto Principle of early 19th. century front and center! Cummins is also a fan with his engineering background!
The PARETO PRINCIPLE 80/20 rule I apply throughout this site:
If we select key modalities, then that solution may only require 20% of the core effort to achieve 80% of success!
Secret is threshold understanding of where to apply the 20%!
Otherwise one just goes crazy with reconciling all the different disciplines!
This is a core differential of this site to 99% of others. The objective is to save the reader endless research!
BUT with the knowledge that the reference is there! Most of us do not have more than 2 minutes in this busy world! But that minute or two can save one’s life. Enable longer life but healthier!

My driving ambition here selfish! Fueled by my known high CAC score!

At least I know that! So tunnelling down, and following principles of Ivor Cummins:
First priority to arrest progression!
Second to understand importance and evolutionary, biochemical, and biological support for neutering Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome.
This means full understanding of Insulin Resistance and every modality that can blunt the impact!

It goes without saying that Carbohydrates are target. But that does not mean throwing out the complex fiber carbs!

The order of health business:
get rid of sugars and hyperglycemic fructose. This includes HFCS in sodas, and further example, do not drink organge juice!
Fruit eaten should be organic and complex with the fibres. Both digestible and indigestible.
The insulin spike is then more shallow. It helps to move after every meal! Get a dog! I, like Ivor’s father subject to ignorance in England, and he in Ireland!
Aggravating factors such as sweets (candies) puddings (desserts) breads, baking, all contributing to Insulin Resistance.

This means LDLs may be disengaged from their important tasks! Reason this marker may be meaningless and high Insulin Resistance many more times significant!

Four classifications by Cummins:
Metabolically Normal Weight  (MNW) These people are Insulin Sensitive. Little Adipose unhealthy fat. Cummin’s ‘bullets of eating aberrations do not get through to liver!
Metabolic Obese Normal Weight (MONW) My category for years. Activity, Sports, Marathons, no safeguard! Missing diagnosis because of wrong concentration in tests! Huge risk! It’s refined carbs! And gut co-operation important!
Metabolic Unhealthy Obese (MUO). We know what this looks like…go to any North American Mall, Particularly in the US. Bullets get through to Liver and Pancreas.
Metabolic Healthy Obese (MHO). These are the ones who seem to have protection! There are not too many…!

if I have your attention then Listen to Cummins YouTube in more detail, an inductive thinker! But also follow the other modalities on this Web, as a guide and back up! AND Intermittent Fasting and Fasting an excellent accomplement! Ivor an advocates this as a modality for ketosis that helps remove that gut adipose.

Bottom Line: if you have a high CAC score, optimize the sound modalities with knowledge and targeting!

Neutralize the scary title: Hidden Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome Accelerates Aging & Deadly! The older we are the more important to take steps!