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The Powerful Blueberry, Remarkable Health Results!

Powerful Blueberries Remarkable Health Results!
Powerful Blueberries Remarkable Health Results!

Powerful Blueberry Magic, now really confirmed by numbers, thanks to the research of Michael Gregor. Also have placed his great video at the end of this article.

Blueberries seem to have huge benefits. Really, they particularly¬†reduce the number one killer, that being coronary heart disease, in North America. Given that most ‘at risk patients’ are now fed Statins, and from the age of 50 up, the comparison of results for reducing risk of Blueberries is literally mind blowing!

Blueberry factors:
They are great for both older and younger.
For the older, or more senior, improvement for heart between 12% to 32%
But for younger persons even greater % improvements!
And for them, when they are in the top 10% of berry consumers, the improvement seems to be a 47% drop in heart issues!
The more berries per day the better, but up to 100 mg, which equates to just a half cup of berries.

But another discovery, and from a careful analysis of the statistics, that personally find fascinating. And that is on the subject of blueberry tea. This is just powdered blueberries. With no fiber worth talking about, and shaken around in a cup for five minutes. As the English say just steeped for a while. But it takes about three months of blueberry tea drinking to register any effect.

But once completed that blueberry tea time:
30% drop in Bad Cholesterol!
The other benefits seem to be equally there!

Once you stop this regular blueberry tea drinking, then after 6 months, we are all back to previous era blueberry markers, or ‘square one’.

But just imagine these results which kind of more than matches Statins. BUT drinking blueberry tea, besides producing this remarkable effect, does not have the warning side effects or complicated metabolic and liver reactions that Statins cause.

Personally, and this is many years later, and may just be my mind playing tricks, I still get that cramp, or crink in my neck that I associate with taking statins many years ago!

Again, look at this kind of discipline of taking anthrocyanins, which come from black and often red colored pigmented fruit and vegetables, as just a useful module.

Examples Anthrocyanins:

Black Raspberries, Black Currents, Blackberries, and Red cabbage and Red Radish and Raspberries.

As often said, the combination of as many positive modules that results in true health benefits.