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Heat Hidden Health & Cancer Bonus?

Heat Hidden Health & Cancer Bonus?
Heat Hidden Health & Cancer Bonus?

Interesting, a common theme of this site relates to benefits of Hormesis!  When our body fights an infection, such as flu’, the temperature rise is part of an actual Hormetic attack upon the virus. It is an effective way, inherited from DNA know how, of attacking any virus or bacteria invading us.

Parmenides is Greek Philosopher, and fifth century BCE. In excess of some 2500 years ago! A man of few words or works. His quote: ‘Give me a chance to create any fever and I will cure any disease’. It is amazing how much of our medicine initiates within that ancient Greek society. Heat Hidden Health & Cancer Bonus?

A body instinct, a DNA up link, takes advantage of traditional body stress. Heat is a form of stress. Now the one exception that is crucifying our modern society is chronic mental stress! Unfortunately acts as a shut down to healthy cellular activity!

The use of heat is a practice of millennia for healing. In India they go way back with their dinacharya.  This is a morning bathe for self care. The same can be said of Greek and Roman civilizations. Personally know both Pompeii in Italy and Bath in England and wonder at the elaborate efforts to utilize natural springs. But Italy is in a sunny clime and Bath in cloudy England!

An example of another and critical Health Module is sun, and cloudy England has little! The reality is that we must make that up, and in North America, because we hide indoors, and in cars, maybe as many as 95 percent are missing out on Vitamin D. This site regards that as a crisis.

But the hormesis of heat is not the same thing, and is another Stress application of tremendous potential. If only we understand that we must optimize as many of these modules as possible!

It is interesting that many indigenous people also use heat. For example in British Columbia, Canada, sweat lodges are used as a way to cleanse impurities from the body. Indeed one sweats out water soluble toxins and I personally see this in the sauna. My daughter also recently attending, with a few of her school, a three day experience of a sweat lodge.

She aptly describes the really effective stress and spiritual experience of remaining in the sweat lodge and as close to the ground as possible. This also has a grounding effect another positive health module. She is one of a very few who completed the full time process, and then immersed in fresh and cold running water in a stream that was drinkable. This is a classic heat shock and cold shock protein therapy. The combination of both is cumulative in my opinion. Heat Hidden Health & Cancer Bonus?

Hyperthermia therapy is the expression of utilization of heat for healing. As mammals, humans normally maintain a constant temperature level that does not fluctuate much with outside temperature. Our body temperature, normally around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius), is ideal for optimal functioning of our body’s physiological systems.

NCI also maintains that: “research shows that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, usually with minimal injury to normal tissues,” referring to a 2002 study in the Netherlands that temperatures in the 104-111 degrees F range (40-44 degrees C) are deadly to cancer cells. The NCI seems to consider hyperthermia as an adjunct to traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation.

This is reminiscent of Valter Longo research in California of combining his Stem Cell research with similar traditional treatment methods. What is really significant is the overall multiplier caused by this process. This multiplier factor seems finally to show positive signs of defeating the stealth like cancer cells that effectively hibernate against any singular onslaught.

Of real contrast interest: if our overall body temperature lowers by just a degree, there seems to be an opposite effect. There is a corresponding decline of the immune system function by some 40%.

The cumulative effect is not necessary for traditional preventative modules. These for example consist of Sauna referred to above and often with Infra Red. This way toxins can be eliminated from sweating and through the lymphatic system. What is of real interest is far Infra Red.

This is the only range used in Saunas. It seems to unlock toxins from fat stores. A discovery for me: This is the only process that I know of to access these locked up fat soluble toxins, other than the five day fast! Heat Hidden Health & Cancer Bonus?