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Valteri Bottas Formula 1 Secret Sauna!

Valteri Bottas Formula 1 Secret Sauna!
Valteri Bottas Formula 1 Secret Sauna!

Valteri Bottas really appears unassuming but assured! He is confident in his extraordinary ability to navigate Mercedes (F1) to  high placing on the international circuit, and justifying long shot risk! For this kind of racing many factors must coincide! One needs superb reflexes, and calm, fearless mental approach to the sport. Bottas is Finnish by heritage and his family athletic…he is unusual in that he has put his 5ft. 8ins. frame at 155 lbs. into superb physical condition. Lives in Monte Carlo…and ascribes to Hyperthermic conditioning. Valteri Bottas Formula 1 secret Sauna!

Particularly when in his native Finland, where he owns his lakeside hideaway with a typical Finnish sauna in a wooden hut outside and over looking lake. He is far North but a critique of his lifestyle is a learning lesson for all of us! When he saunas he will use a typical wooden fire and will also add a heat impact effect by splashing water over the coals…Rhonda Patrick uses about 180 C as the base temperature…and really one needs about 20 minutes for an optimal effect. If one can endure a few more minutes so much the better!

BUT then what Bottas does is to pad out on the ice where a hole has been cut through, and immerses himself right up to the chin in that freezing water. Valteri Bottas Formula 1 secret Sauna!

This is a whole new dimension of shock to the system, and I just caution on acclimatizing to be able to handle the shock. Already Heat Shock Proteins with their positive myriad effects on the body are released just from the sauna experience. But now with freezing water immersion we enter the realm of cryotherapeutic benefits…but it’s in my opinion really intensified by the extreme transition! Benefits in an overall health sense incredible! Just listen to Rhonda Patrick in our article on Hormesis and it’s general benefits including my pet focus respecting our brains. Remember these activities are essentially passive although some would disagree about jumping into the Finnish Lake! Valteri Bottas Formula 1 secret Sauna!