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Cold Shock Cryotherapy

Cold Shock Cryotherapy
Cold Shock Cryotherapy

Dr. Rhonda Patrick huge advantage of clinical experience. Knowledgeable DNA expression caused by shock of exposure…to both Heat and Cold fascinating. Incidentally I believe the elements of shock otherwise is key understanding of DNA pathways enabling with resulting triggers of positives body assimilation of certain micro nutrients. AND our bodies need sufficiency of vitamins and minerals! It’s all Seesaw and fine balance…but let’s leave for another day…where Rhonda and mentor Bruce Ames discuss Triage Theory. Back to similar BUT different concept: Cold Shock CryoTherapy.

Rhonda perspicacity developing Heat Shock Protein strategy…Key highlight of research: Really about Hormesis…our bodies through eons designed to respond favorably to just so much that is uncomfortable. Fine line..that if it does not kill you it is probably good…much merit! Channel to DNA pathways. We unlock what is inherited in ourselves over painstaking evolution and life costing eons…we are, thanks to this process, adapted to extremely unfriendly environment. Includes sun ultra violet and infra red radiation and protective toxins that other organisms use! Now Can utilize within reason certain amounts that then enable our bodies to literally rejuvenate at mitochondrial level…effectively we indeed remain from mitochondrial perspective…viable to pass on genes!

Accordingly our bodies take clue that we should continue to be so encouraged…by? enabling survival to that theoretical point!… no survival genes…but there sure is drive to survive to pass on our genes…those pathways magical! Cold Shock Cryotherapy

Present way of life far removed from DNA conditioning… We really have all become sick in that metabolic syndrome inflammatory diseases norm! Obesity crisis reflective and Dementia and Alzheimer’s serious victims. HOWEVER even diagnosis of Alzheimer’s certainly does not mean it’s over…find more and more arrows for quiver: example Heat Shock Proteins HSPs are produced in Sauna AND remarkably effectively!..same process with Cryotherapy…cold that ironically produces the apposite Heat! We produce positives with exercise…but think of those Alzheimer’s patients…exercise may not be appropriate… But the passivity of sauna! Then the double whammy sauna and cryotherapy…that may be too much but what results! Cold Shock Cryotherapy.