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Age Prejudice, Fitness & Children

Age Prejudice, Fitness & Children
Age Prejudice, Fitness & Children

Older one is, the more presumptive age discrimination. Age Prejudice, Fitness & Children. Examples of Compulsory Retirement based on age not fitness for job, Government erosion…really THEFT, of retiree savings through promoted inflation…to almost universal, bureaucratic, ‘superiority’ of control. Ultimately comes down to an individual’s unique ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ stature! This WEB site, and forward thinkers, Metabolic Syndrome…I now prefer, INSULIN RESISTANCE SYNDROME plague of disease, CAN be stopped! CAN be beaten, and BY OLDER, over 40 years, persons.

Take the plight of Luigi De Ambrosis, and wife, Gabriella, respectively 70, and 57…who thanks to ‘new’ science and brilliance of ‘in vitro’….became ‘PREGNANT’ later in life. Prejudice in Italian town, Mirabella Monferrato, where Luigi once mayor…imagine the enemies! RESULT…beautiful, healthy daughter, ‘seized’…judge used excuse of adverse neighbour complaint, that child in car seat, although continually visible, whilst mother preparing her formula, for just 7 minutes. Pernicious judgment, 2009, conviction…jail!…OVERTURNED years later as scandalous. HOWEVER, daughter placed, and adoption allowed by arbitrary, ‘uncommunicative’ social services! ‘CATCH 22’… NOW “best interests” of child, TO remain with NEW adoptive parents’! This is universal indictment of legal systems worldwide.

Couple this with extreme, uneducated prejudice of general public! Failure to realize THERE ARE NON senile, fit, loving, older parents, AND grandparents…Age Prejudice, Fitness & Children.

Such as: the De Ambrosis, who ADDITIONALLY had resources FOR THEIR CHILD!… far better, than distracted, unfit, youthful, self absorbed, MAJORITY of NOW adult parents, in grossly misinformed society respecting health! This WEB SHOUTS health…we must ‘understand’…then fight, tooth and nail, stubborn, insufferable prejudice. Myself…no trouble fully engaging my teenagers…physically: examples snowboarding, running, hiking, cross country skiing, sailing, swimming, diving, whatever!! Mentally: school work, assignments, tutorial, advice, diets, health, even social prejudices of teachers and their inferences in social studies!! NEVER did this when in 20s 30s…and other young pressured parents same! GET WITH IT ‘out moded dinosaurs’…inability adaptation will kill you, as you will become the product of your own thinking! Age Prejudice, Fitness & Children.