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Secret of Mediterranean Diets

Secret of Mediterranean Diets
Secret of Mediterranean Diets

Standard mantra, that the more we shift towards Mediterranean type diet, and somehow seize the Secret of Mediterranean Diets…the better off we are! Somehow those peoples, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, have the lock on health, and as a result…for example less cardiovascular problems, with resulting longevity results!

But what is the Secret of Mediterranean Diets…that so magically accomplishes this objective?

It’s no easy answer. We all know the wonderful cheeses, oils, fish, pastas, salads, wines…and anecdotally…and to some extent from numerous studies, these all contribute to longevity and health. This particularly, when contrasted to our current, generally shocking North American diets, and mounting catastrophe long term, resulting from insulin resistant disease, including heart, diabetic, dementia, Alzheimer’s, gut problems, such as Crones and colitis. We all understand an avoidance of these issues …that perhaps longevity the result! Even the general tenor of this Blog…the more whole plant based one becomes, the lower the risk of ill health, or even death from metabolic syndrome disease, or synonymously or perhaps better…insulin resistant disease! Example: at extreme end of spectrum: the California Adventists…who are ‘entirely vegetarian’ and have the longest life expectancy in the world, even better than the people of Okinawa! My take… not to be absolute. Now a quick mantra:…and then, what I think is REALLY the magic of Mediterranean diet! Let us take it as a given: organic a must with fish and meat…avoidance toxins and antibiotic CAFOs, increase good fat intake, restriction sugars and fructose, particularly high fructose corn syrups or…HFCS, severe reduction carbohydrates, AND…coupled with exercise…HIIT, continual movement, sun exposure, NOT overdoing the protein, and absence stress…BUT WHAT IS THE MAGIC OR IS IT ALL OF ABOVE!?

Personally believe that the REAL SECRET of Mediterranean Diets…particularly when considering Northern climates…rests with SUNLIGHT! The Irish, isolated by cloud and rain in Dublin, for example, just lose out big time, and perhaps fatally. There is NO natural liquid Vitamin D!! The real nub…it’s: ‘location, location, and location’…and the Mediterranean happens to have the leg up on sunlight! Also think where those California Adventists live! They have the SUN…Depressing when compared to the top ten Northern European Climates that have the greatest incidence of Alzheimer’s…but beating that is another story!