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Cognitive Improvement Tricks!

This Website is full of suggestions as to sound lifestyle choices. Improves our general health, but incidentally benefits Dementia and Alzheimer’s…scourge, unless halted, will break our health care systems! So important that major priority fiscally, rather than continue to accede to Big Pharma Lobby! Cognitive Improvement Tricks!
Exercise is immediate plus: Dr. John J. Ratey author of “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”…now overwhelming data for arrest of Dementia. Usual age-related shrinkage stopped; protein neurotrophic factor or BDNF indirectly results…with activation of brain stem cells for new neurons. When exercise depletes glucose…hippocampus then uses fat as energy source…this also triggers BDNF. This WEB is High on Fasting and Partial Fasting techniques, as is Joseph Mercola in new book…Fat for Fuel…resulting: low blood sugar levels, β-hydroxybutyrate is THE alternate energy source…produced in liver…this blocks histone enzymes, which inhibit BDNF..! Really exercise kicks in DNA genetic expression, and uploads the original purpose for survival.

Major factor, to fight Dementia tendency…is to exercise one’s memory itself…reason I have included fascinating YouTube above! Cognitive Improvement Tricks!

Results: Spatial and visual memory and in just 6 weeks! Connectivity between different brain centers improved. Contrast to a technique of repetition. But iff one wants to commit spacial memory, from relatively short term to long term, then seems that some repetition technique required..but personally, in old days for a trial, I could remember everything… just for that trial, and then it went…just thought that was a personal idiosyncrasy, and my problem phenomena…perhaps also some included laziness!
But remember that in case of children… they really do not recall much before five years! I have flashes of memory, but it may be because of repetitive factors. The amazing and exciting CONCLUSION: our brains have plasticity and we MUST nourish this relatively newly discovered phenomena of regeneration, throughout our lives! Classic examples: ‘Using it…that is the Brain…or Losing it’, are: learning a new language! Why not! Also, as I keep harping …get rid of STRESS with whatever method you can…it is a killer! example Mary Tyler Moore Killer. Cortisol, its product deadly! If you can… just LAUGH… its all the way to the Health Bank! Cognitive Improvement Tricks!