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Vitamin D…Health Module Shortfall?

Vitamin D...Health Module Shortfall?
Vitamin D...Health Module Shortfall?

Vitamin ‘C‘ history underlines how just one health ‘module’ SHORTFALL may have overwhelming health effect…Similarly Vitamin D…Health Module Shortfall?

Britain ruled the waves because Nelson’s crews were scurvy free…thus an ’empire where sun never set’! Now vitamin D also integral and overwhelmingly important ‘NECESSITY’ module’ for HEALTH. Why waste energy doing so many ‘right’ things for optimum health, then failing for necessary module. Result: the undoing of all positive health ‘stitches’ so carefully carried out! Ohio University research, led by Professor Tadeusz Malinski, using nanosensors, (published International Journal of Nanomedicine), now demonstrates Vitamin D3 has positive endothelial importance. Nitric Oxide, a signalling molecule, controlling blood flow and oxidative stress, has positives for cardiovascular disease…and even reversal. And other health issues: atherosclerosis, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, cancer. Bottom line, especially those in Northern latitudes, take Vitamin D supplements…vitamin D ‘steroid hormone’…produced in sunlight…influences genetic expression in as many as 3000 of our 30,000 genes! Need minimum of around base 5000 units, and if therapeutically deficient, even 8000! But D3 needs incredible ‘magic three’ symbiosis of Vitamin K2 and Magnesium!

Harvard School Public Health estimates one billion worldwide low vitamin D. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: 90 % dark skin and 75% light skin persons deficient. Vitamin D…Health Module Shortfall?

Insufficiency: aching body & bones, obesity, low energy, sweating head, chronic infections, respiratory issues, crankiness, reduced endurance…not exhaustive! Amazing… darker skinned persons may need ten times the exposure to sunlight for equivalent benefits of Vitamin D body production from sunlight…seems to be quirk of recent evolution in the development of white skin…mutation factor actually assisting in northern latitudes…BUT sensibly darker skins are, in reality, of great necessity, let’s say in the African ‘Noon Day Sun’…! Also a quirk of Red Heads, from recent research, not requiring so much Vitamin D for basic metabolic maintenance!

But to avoid cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) the best sun exposure at noon as opposed to advice to avoid midday sun!..and calculate daylight saving wherever applicable…means reality 1.00 pm is really noon! That restricted hour can make all difference to avoidance of CMM risk! It’s upside down from traditional past advice…Also seemingly breakthrough for serious cognitive improvement with Vitamin D3, K2, & Magnesium combination…makes vascular sense! Vitamin D…Health Module Shortfall?