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Vitamin C & Heart Health!

Vitamin C & Heart Health!
Vitamin C & Heart Health!

Vitamin C, is the classic historic example of serious consequence vitamin importance. Believe that way back growing momentum of traditional Handel song impact: ‘Rule Britannia’, was ultimately validated, but not QUITE in time, to avoid Britain’s loss of their US colonies! If the British Admiralty had only ‘listened’ to Captain Cook, who saved his sailors from scurvy with fruit and vegetables! All this well before American Revolution, because then the French were able to successfully deter the British fleet on the US East coast, from supporting their garrisoned British troops on American soil. Amazing how small, apparently insignificant factors have massive consequences, with cause and effect. This a constant theme of this WEB…It is the ‘tweak’ that often makes the difference! Vitamin C & Heart Health!

The endemic socially snobby, British Admiralty, paid little attention to Cook, he was of another social class! But Vitamin C & Heart Health!

Their prejudice…a preemptive dismissal of Cook..who was of a different ‘social rank’. This delayed vitamin C implementation until Napoleonic times… then, suddenly, the well manned warships of Nelson! British ‘Limeys’… significance now to that nick name for British seaman…remained HEALTHY! This, compared to French, Spanish seamen, who, for variety reasons, including religious prejudice of sea burial!…they kept dead bodies in bilge…slower learners!…result: Britain really ruled waves! and ‘colonized’ most of world.

Remember Linus Pauling, a two time Nobel prize winner, vigorously ‘pushing’ Vitamin C as anti-cancerous, but discredited by Mayo Clinic!.. but now intravenously possibe different outcome!..BUT…NOW just for cholesterol improvement?…Seems Vitamin C symbiotic and positive..respecting HEART DISEASE and free radicals. Now understood to seemingly slow the progression of artery hardening…atherosclerosis. Seems to keep arteries flexible… ALSO indications prevention negatives of LDL cholesterol. I read this as ‘anchor’ for LDL particle breakdown in the liver, into those small dense LDL particles…sdLDL. Useful test…for low density lipoprotein particles–LDL-P…not routinely ordered. An evaluation of LDL particles according to their number, size and even electrical charge. Have contended likelihood of statins accelerating this breakdown, thus detrimental on arterial wall linings. Our bodies need cholesterol, but without those high density particles! But anyway…for Heart Health…Vitamin C & Heart Health!