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David Cassidy Connection Alcohol Dementia?

David Cassidy Connection Alcohol Dementia?
David Cassidy Connection Alcohol Dementia?

David Cassidy, passed away the 21st November 2017…at age 67….reality, casualty of alcohol…and tragically suffering from ever advancing Dementia that he largely hid from the world. Alcohol insidious and negatively affects our health many routes…driver metabolic syndrome diseases…accompanying continual inflammation, kick starting the likes of diabetes, cancer and dementia…not to mention direct poison to the liver. David Cassidy Connection Alcohol Dementia?

Organ failure painful result…fortunate David, at end, not only had medical masking for terrible pain, but support of those near and dear to him.  Family dropped everything to be at his side. The combination of alcoholism and dementia grim…and tests the patience of those closest to the limit…it must have been a lonely and grim journey for David.

David brilliant…son of dual talent…singer and actor Jack Cassidy and actress Evelyn Ward. The ‘Partridge Family’ gave him stardom and lead singer at 20 years of age…able to travel the world as a 1970s ‘heart throb’ with ‘Cassidymania’ his crucible. Sadly…to be reality at London’s White City Stadium, when out of control stampede turned into tragedy, with death of teenage girl. David realized then that millions envied him, but he could not enjoy celebrity. Did not take long for him to cease touring and acting, and use his talents with songwriting and recording. Tremendously successful, even working with the likes of George Michael.

But finally alcohol overcame him, with a public ‘mea culpa’ admission in 2008. It was downward spiral…despondency and bankruptcy. Stress another accelerating contributor to Dementia and Demise. David Cassidy Connection Alcohol Dementia?

Not until 2017 publicly admitted to Dementia, recognizing his denial with those private horrors and nightmares, having seen his grandfather battle the disease, and his mother disappear into the its ‘void’ until her death at 89. But Longevity was not to be for David…maybe somehow a blessing…for this brilliant but struggling mind. The stress now again generational, passed on to his young son Beau…who has the youthful family good looks, but also the maybe repeat tragedy of first hand experiencing Dementia and Alzheimer’s horror. David Cassidy Connection Alcohol Dementia?