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Alzheimer’s Deficiency Disease? Optimization Key!

Alzheimer's Deficiency Disease? Optimization Key!
Alzheimer's Deficiency Disease? Optimization Key!

Advantage respecting this Blog youngerhealthier.com is that of ‘non specialization’… the true Renaissance way!.. either into any, or respecting just one area of research. Believe our society is far too specialized and tunnel thinking…this enables the advantage of inductive oversight. There are so many research projects underway… forget for the time being who funds them, or time spans necessary for cogent inferences, whether conclusions can be officially attributed to humans as opposed to rats!.. real importance of overview is awareness of relevance in totality! Even different sectors are often relevant to just one issue! A narrow perspective may just result in adversely telescoping the concentration to the exclusion of other disciplines. Classic example is with Alzheimer’s disease, which truly is a multifaceted and multi-discipline major problem. Alzheimer’s Deficiency Disease? Optimization Key!

Our system frenetic…overworked medical profession, overworked surgeons, failing antibiotics, revolving door emergencies, national health issues…for example obesity, diabetes with associated heart, stroke, cancer, to name a few…and now Alzheimer’s…rapidly growing tragedy of massive proportions and costing the world billions on billions, threatening to bankrupt and moribund medical systems, but also causing untold pain to many millions, and to the detriment of economies worldwide.

Almost accepted established thinking: once diagnosed, little can be done…medication has not shown any positives over three decades. Usually: preoccupation, preparation for the worse. Seems accepted that seeds sown early and sudden manifestation of symptoms resulting in little real hope. Alzheimer’s Deficiency Disease? Optimization Key!

Interview Dr. Dale Bredesen remarkable…emphasizes this Web theme…optimization…in other words…what is missing link or usually links? What is the cause. It is optimizing everything as fast as possible. Fascinating in that one causation could even be the toxin mold…seemingly far more serious than many understand…or an elemental toxin…an obvious to Dr. Bredesen: mercury…we are exposed to in so many ways. Example: Dental amalgams!..am convinced untimely death of two friends orthodontists, just retired, probably caused by working life exposure to mercury. Plastics another culprit as a toxin… or inappropriate foods in broad sense…or failure of sufficient levels vitamins, antioxidants or minerals such as Magnesium! Usually we should be searching for that Optimal failure. Hormones similarly…ex: Testosterone for males! Overview as espoused by Dr Bredesen not a narrow perspective. Reason his YouTube is fully set out as an excellent reference! Yes, tangles and plaques could really be symptomatic and protective…we must find cause or causes! Capacity to reverse Alzheimer’s is great news but from the point of view of this writer was always implicit, Brain has great plasticity and remarkable power of regenerate from injuries, and yes from a negative onslaught that has somehow negated its remarkable ability of memory and thinking. Alzheimer’s Deficiency Disease? Optimization Key!