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Pandemic Pollution Staggering Heartbreaking.

Coronavirus Plastic Pollution Staggering Heartbreaking.
Coronavirus Plastic Pollution Staggering Heartbreaking.

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, the WHO’s position was that face masks offer little benefit. At this point, that attitude has changed but is there really any merit when the Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that things will get worse unless masks and social distancing are now implemented?

This recent Doomsday type statement made July 13th without any supporting accompanying criteria for this change of approach.

Granted that sciences are always developing. BUT then justification is always expected and invariably explained.

Particularly in the face of the original WHO guidance memo respecting face masks.

Indicating no direct evidence that universal masking of healthy persons is effective to counter respiratory illnesses.

Also, the WHO advocation of cloth masks or even bandanas is really a puzzle, which provide half the ostensible protection of a surgical mask.

We have abandoned any thought for the environment and instead the streets are strewn with Pandemic Pollution from PPE plastics of all kinds.

To all this confusion add the shocking environmental problems caused by the coronavirus. This includes all things plastic from PPEs, a short form for personal protective equipment, and onwards down the plastic Coronavirus chain.

We have abandoned any thought for the environment and instead the streets are strewn with Pandemic Pollution from PPE plastics of all kinds.

Including those contained in many types of face masks.

Then add the plastic gloves and the horrendous amount of packaging containing plastics that is seemingly a necessary part of the Coronavirus enforcement strategies.

There is a French non-profit called Operation Mer Propre. They pick up litter along beaches in the South of France. Their divers have found a shocking amount of Covid Waste underwater!

The masks are now in contention but the authoritarian mandate will likely prevail.

But why not just help out with hand washing instead of the glove routing?

Some nod towards our environment that I say could be irreparably damaged now and not even wait for the day we emerge from our Covid cocoons.

Maybe the scary side of mask-wearing should be emphasized to limit them in low-risk situations.

Aside from general discomforts such as an irritant for dermatitis or acne, there are other chronic hypoxia issues.

It is the rapid build-up of toxic carbon dioxide. These can shoot up to 10,000 parts per million or ppm in just 10 breaths. This is not a good continuous deprivation level.

When I see young athletes actually running with a face mask on I inwardly wince! These people are just trying to keep a basic level of fitness and are highly unlikely to be fatality candidates of this coronavirus.

But their health and athletic performance in other respects is being affected. AND we are leaving them with an impossibly polluted plastic world! Pandemic Pollution Staggering Heartbreaking.