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Uncovered Mistakes Intermittent & Full Fasting.

Uncovered Mistakes Intermittent & Full Fasting.
Uncovered Mistakes Intermittent & Full Fasting.

Right now I have just completed day 3 of a full 5 day fast. I do this approximately three to four times a year. The real motivation is to continually capitalize on reaching the point where I can fast. Took so long to build up the longevity and ongoing health momentum which is itself a huge motivation of not losing that legacy!

Which is the massive cellular benefit, both mitochondrial, and stem cell, transcribing into multi health benefits. But particularly in a natural offset to multi diseases, including cancer! The benefit of whipping all of those transcribes into maybe a decade of longevity. But the added benefit of real longevity and life extension could add another additional 20!

But more of that in my other past and future articles on this site. One cannot just jump into a five day fast. There can be serious consequences. Full fasting, which is what a five day fast is, may be entirely inappropriate. Pregnant mothers, persons with compromised immunity, those on prescription drugs. All of these and more are considerations.

To even contemplate extended fasting one’s body has to be introduced to Ketosis or fat burning.

This is where intermittent fasting is so important! The reality is that most in North America have never experienced ketosis.

The ‘popular’ motivation of intermittent fasting really has more to do with weight and health control.

Very few ‘graduate’ or even contemplate full fasting. This is a shame as incredible benefits come from a proper fast. The optimum length of a fast, thanks to brilliant research, being 5 days.

Intermittent fasting is a stepping stone to full fasting!

But if you ARE an appropriate candidate for full fasting, then intermittent fasting, besides its own multi-benefits, is a stepping stone to full fasting! There are many different formulas for intermittent fasting and really they all have their benefits.

  • I work out in the early morning I decided to optimize that time period of being ‘occupied’.
  • One exceeds the 12 hours fast, which should be everyone’s baseline in any event. All blue zones in the world point to this baseline.
  • Intermittent fasting extends that time so that the window of eating is optimally restricted to a period of eight hours.
  • But ensure not then retiring to bed, without at least three hours after eating! Ideally one should have a short walk to avoid glycemic spikes!

Finally, I do not believe in continual intermittent fasting regimens. One should at least once or twice a week collapse the process and revert to the simple 12 hour fast. Why? Because there is an increased risk of other health issues. Gall stones for example! Never remain routined. Our bodies like change and the necessary adaptation. The hormesis thereby enhanced.

If one is intermittent fasting there are several tips:

  • Ensure that you are getting enough water. I have always maintained that most of us in any event are chronically deficient.
  • 8 cups a day of water is not enough. Add a pinch of Himalayan or Sea Salt to the water.
  • Short term calorie deprivation introduces some ‘Autopogy’. This can destroy Senescent mitochondria, a passport to serious illnesses.
  • Do not fear hunger. Food is just a habit. Always try to avoid processed foods in any event.
  • Fasting triggers Hormesis. This is a stressor with resulting benefits. Sympathetic nervous system ‘caution’ of overcoming stress, important to get good sleep.
  • Keep warm, and do not jump right in…to start with, gradually extend the fasting period. And remember, the mealtime being condensed, meals naturally larger! Uncovered Mistakes Intermittent & Full Fasting.