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Extremes the Key to Mitochondrial Health

Extremes the Key to Mitochondrial Health
Extremes the Key to Mitochondrial Health

Hat off to Dr Mercola..prodigious energy, also instinctive cutting edge mind as to WHY of health. Often difficult for us out there if not of medical bent, to appreciate the depth of his articles. Perhaps that is the benefit of the shorter, lay, interpretive function of this WEB! Have already discussed Wim Hof. My take…that he not unique DNA endowed…Win genuinely proves this, by training others to his extreme cold regimen. My instinct, that although activity does not include diet…it does include extremism. This somehow unlocks DNA expression that we all have. My paleolithic bent…and mirroring this… as often explanation, now perhaps technically pre-paleo bent. DNA really set well prior to last 2 millions of years…our paleo ancestor, with the discovery of fire, and exodus from Africa, cooking… BUT, with the exception of minor DNA adjustments…such as skin color, and some dramatic changes in survival capacity from our Brain and thinking…maybe in last mere half million of years!! Extremes the Key to Mitochondrial Health. Dr. Mercola stimulated to write his book, about to be published, Fat For Fuel…and his serious adjustment of continual Ketosis to maximize effects, and minimize possible negatives…

In other words intermittently ‘over surfeit’ on proteins and carbohydrates…personally, unless one is under 30 years of age…would bend towards carbs, carbs, and SOME extra proteins. Extremes the Key to Mitochondrial Health.

My theory, DNA hates homogeneity…that not it’s heritage! Hates Constants. Have already theorized simply extremity of exposure and training of WIM HOF that counted…not inherited qualities! Imagine if we could multi layer our attack to maximize our Mitochondrial Health…this is what effectively Mercola has cross examined out of Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum, of the ChemoThermia Oncology Center in Turkey…have extracted key components of interview! Essentially Slocum saying but has to be careful…forget Chemo…that entrenched medical protocol…will take time to dispose…magic is multi layered attack! It is a fantastic cutting edge research! All there! The extremes: high-dose vitamin C, ketogenic diet, hyperthermia, glycolytic inhibitors and hyperbaric oxygen therapy…theory: metabolic stress for the cancer cells….

BUT ANALAGOUS…for Insulin Resistant Syndrome diseases…including: heart disease, diabetes, Lyme, and devastating neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. MAGIC FORMULA: use ALL these disciplines…personally fun to include comfortable ones! Sunlight and InfraRed! could have greatest pre-paleo benefit! Extremes the Key to Mitochondrial Health.