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Shocking Statin & Cholesterol Research Lifechanging?

Shocking Statin & Cholesterol Research Lifechanging?
Shocking Statin & Cholesterol Research Lifechanging?

Out of an abundance of caution, because of my family’s cardiac-history, I’ve attended a brilliant cardiologist for more than 20 years now. At that time medical protocol orientation to LDL Cholesterol as key marker.

It still is!

I encouraged a CAC scan. Despite then radiation issues (in my mind!). But now that far less harmful!

Resulting in high CAC score, accept advice for respect for continual Statin prescription.

BUT another concern! My GP, with a similar British background. Even the same University and Medical School!

He, despite intense exercise and extremely high Statin precautionary intake of Lipitor, suddenly needing a bypass!

My own high CAC score then persuasive to continue with Statins. But side effects, such as cramping.

Result? Own research causing cessation of Statin Use!

Am I right!?

Own understanding Calcification really issue of Hyperinsulinemia.
Means that usually, the condition is progressive over years or even decades.
necessary now: a severe curtailment of sugars, fructose and carbs.
Also, implement as many health modalities within reason.
World general rise in Obesity, symptomatic of diabetes without appropriate INSULIN (not sugars) testing for early recognition.

Mercola’s summary is excellent… a 2018 review shows substantial evidence that total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are not an indication of heart attack risk.

AND statin treatment was of ‘doubtful benefit’ as primary prevention!

Worrying that absolute risk means: 100 people with Statins over 5 years translate into one person one less heart attack!

Further that there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that higher cholesterol may actually be healthier than lower levels.

In primary prevention trials (studies in which statins are used as the primary prevention for CVD)…

death postponement between a negative five days (meaning they died five days sooner than the control group) and negative 19 days!

In secondary prevention trials, death postponement between a negative 10 days and 27 days.

Further median postponement of death in primary prevention trials 3.2 days.  And in secondary prevention trials 4.1 days.

Dr. Francis Mercola says: truly astounding finding,….people take statins for years, if not decades, ….these drugs have ‘association’ with a wide range of serious side effects that can decimate the quality of life.
Further that probable explanation for statin adverse muscle effects:
statins, not only blocking the production of cholesterol.
but also blocks the production of several other important molecules.
for instance, coenzyme Q10, which is indispensable for energy production.
As most energy is produced in the muscle cells, including those of the heart.
meaning the extensive use of statin treatment may explain the epidemics of heart failure in many countries.”
One final treat from watching YouTube!
It was the father of the evidence-based, medicine movement, the late Professor David Sackett, who said: ‘Fifty percent of what you learn in medical school will turn out to be either outdated or dead wrong within five years of your graduation. The trouble is no one can tell you which half so you have to learn to learn on your own.’
Shocking Statin & Cholesterol Research Lifechanging? It certainly can be!
potential side effects:
– Deplete your body of CoQ10, an essential mitochondrial nutrient that facilitates ATP production.
– Inhibit the synthesis of vitamin K2, a vitamin that protects your arteries from calcification.
– Raises the risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Cognitive Impairment, Heart Failure!
But also let’s implement as many health modalities as possible if off the Statins!
WOW!  Again at risk of repetition: Shocking Statin & Cholesterol Research Lifechanging?