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Top Life Spans Often Shockingly Unhealthy?

Top Life Spans Often Shockingly Unhealthy?
Jeanne Louise Calment - Top Life Spans Often Shockingly Unhealthy?

I know I should not say it, but I get ‘fed up’ when I find out glaring exceptions to the Health principles I preach! It’s the ‘Why Bother’ Factor! in the back of the mind that nags you! All this work for what! In other words it is a Non Motivator to say the least when you look at the habits of those with the top life spans.

Put another way, the health modules advocated on this site often seem a far cry from some glaring examples of unhealthy lifestyles. They stand out like surviving rocks around the stormy lighthouse! Top Life Spans Often Shockingly Unhealthy?

A classic is Jeanne Louise Calment whose life spanned 122 years. Her birth 1875, and death 1997. Just imagine her experience. From no telephones or electricity and horse and sail ship transportation, to space travel and instant worldwide communication.

But Jeanne drank alcohol, and lots of it! She was partial to port wine, which in itself with it’s high sugar content triggers a high glycemic index! She also smoked like a trooper! Top Life Spans Often Shockingly Unhealthy?

BUT, and I come to this later in this article, there were even in her lifestyle compensatory healthy modules! She laughed a lot throughout her life, and frequently smeared olive oil on her skin. Just maybe the two lbs of chocolate she ate, had enough of the dark to be redeeming!

She also had little stress having married rich, and spent most of her life playing tennis and riding bikes! Thus the exercise module. What I am getting at, is that there are serious compensatory modules, besides the genetic traits of her mother and father lifespans of eighties and nineties respectively!

We might say it’s in the genes! There is some truth to that! The right genes with overriding traits that somehow give an edge are a huge plus. Top Life Spans Often Shockingly Unhealthy?

But I preach that so long as we trigger our DNA up links we can overcome poor genes. Look at the Nigerians with a deadly serious genetic propensity for Alzheimer’s. But their lifestyle up links an override! So far, so long as they keep their poverty classified but healthy diet! The problem is the discipline involved in keeping this up over years, decades, and lifetimes!

The odds are very good that Jeanne Louise Calment were blessed with genes that kept their levels of glutathione high. For instance the University of Denmark research reveals that centenarians, or those more than 100 year old, have high levels of glutathione, an antioxidant, that operates at a cellular level, than those many years younger! The higher the level the better the functioning!

We make glutathioine, but it seems to mirror the progressive inactivity of our Stem Cells as we age. Almost a parallel marker of aging! One can take supplements. But as usual this may be but one module, and we must try to cover at least those really critical modules that this site discusses.

But my very strong hunch is that certain key modules will satisfy the important anti oxidant issue including glutathione. Fasting really restarts our cellular machinery. Couple this with Heat Shock and Cold Shock Proteins, Exercise, and Movement. Plus that important Vitamin D issue! Then it’s not such a tough lifestyle to match Jeanne Louise Calment. She was blessed with living in Arles in the South of France, and with the consequent benefit of Vitamin D from sunlight!