Home Healthy Lifestyle ‘Hormesis’ Fasting Launches Health & Ultimate Longevity!

‘Hormesis’ Fasting Launches Health & Ultimate Longevity!

'Hormesis' Fasting Launches Health & Ultimate Longevity!
'Hormesis' Fasting Launches Health & Ultimate Longevity!

‘Hormesis’ Fasting Launches Health & Ultimate Longevity! Admire  superbly fit Ari Whitten, who appears to think inductively and fast. Credit to Ari for his thorough understanding of Hormesis…on which subject he really excels and is ‘light years’ ahead of the pack! There are not many out there who understand there may be benefits from Free Radicals! Dr. Joseph Mercola gets it! The key is to balance the apparent dichotomy of Anti Oxidants, and that perhaps we should let Free Radicals have their beneficial hormetic effect.

In other words that we should stop the instinctive reaction of throwing Anti Oxidants as an automatic immediate neutralizing panacea. Again it is a ‘little of something that does not kill you’ invariably can contribute to a beneficial Hormetic effect in our cellular makeup.

Nowhere is this so overwhelmingly important than the Hormesis caused by Fasting! ‘Hormesis’ Fasting Launches Health & Ultimate Longevity! This is one sector of our Health that we reap huge health rewards. Personally I consider Fasting for Seniors to be a Hormetic catch up. One subjects one’s aging body, that appears to be shutting down, aided and abetted by a deplorable inactive Stem Cell picture, to a Hormetic Jolt! We have discussed Stem Cell rejuvenation elsewhere , on this Web.

My nutshell conclusion, so long as you are fit enough, there are huge Longevity and Health advantages to be had from the optimal Five Day Water Fast. ‘Hormesis’ Fasting Launches Health & Ultimate Longevity!

The essence is to keep one’s hormetic activities as ‘active’ as possible. Most health modules on this Web involve Hormesis. The more the merrier, so long as the totality does not become overwhelming. It is a fine balance, and involves listening to your body. Probably better stated as acquiring an optimal balance of hormetic stress in one’s daily life.

So much happens at our cellular level, and without being too technical our mission should be to cultivate, and encourage the numbers of mitochondria in their upwards number climb…as much as 2000 per cell is possible! This is of course using Hormesis with the purpose of increasing Mitochondia cellularly. Further we also utilize the Hormesis prinicples by improving the functioning of Stem Cells in anyone who has turned that 40 years of age milestone, and sometimes even younger.

There is one significant drawback that stems from our so called advanced society with all it’s stresses.  We should guard against the Mitochondria becoming activated into Energy Defense Mode, or to use the acronym logo: CDR. This stands for Cell Danger Response. If this occurs the ideal status and condition of multiplication gets put on hold! A typical example is when one acquires an infection, such as ‘flu…or there is some other overriding, or overwhelming negative that effectively takes over, or ‘swamps’ the system. This can be chronic stress so often an outcrop of our society. Or otherwise caused by specifics or a combination of them, such as toxins, molds, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or complexly by the ongoing functioning of Insulin Resistant Disease!