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Heat Shock Proteins Another Longevity Factor?

Heat Shock Proteins Another Longevity Factor?
Heat Shock Proteins Another Longevity Factor?

It seems there may be a variant in the Longevity pursuit. Stem cells is the key to longevity. Their enhancement effectively creates the ability to better fight many diseases, particularly what are known as metabolic syndrome disease…BUT beyond that they give a longevity factor by virtue of their ‘ground zero‘ age factor! In all the studies on animals, worms, and even yeast, and that includes Dr. Valter Longo’s exhaustive laboratory work at the University of Southern California, particularly with respect to rats, and over the past three decades…seems a fundamental overall concept relating to the longevity ‘rejuvenation’ is the just the right reaction to the right amount of stress or more particularly known as hormesis. Heat Shock Proteins Another Longevity Factor?    

Hormesis in certain other situations, and separate from simply FMD or Fasting Mimicing Diets or even total water fasts…also appears to trigger a longevity factor of age reduction! It is continuing conundrum…where we have to get just the right balance!…so that in the end there is a definite net gain! A practical example is maybe exercise resulting in a short term gain for feeling good but perhaps not advancing or even negative for longevity! Here is the irony that just say we successfully protect ourselves against all cancers…then the increase in lifespan is about a shade less than three and a half years…and if one can then theoretically include all metabolic disease…that includes stroke and heart disease that is the present number one killer…then the gross total theoretical gain would hover around approximately 12 years! Most of us hearing this in an abstract sense feel somewhat disappointed and usually the discussion then ends with quality of life! That is achievable and really a proper application of the appropriate modules not only prevents and deals with metabolic syndrome disease…all of them! but provides quality of life. The key is to go beyond, without too much effort and acquire the quantum leap of longevity beyond the 12 years! BUT this fine balance must be trod carefully and thereby successfully!

A fantastic example comes from Heat Shock Proteins...and by this classify into three sub categories: Actual Heat…and the Finnish Sauna is the classic…Actual Cold…and the exploits of Wim Hof in climbing mountains, bare chested and bare foot, or swimming under polar ice is classic…Actual Transition from Heat to Cold…and about 10% of Finns actually transition fast into freezing water for that added wallop! In Finland the saying goes that Sauna it is that country’s medication and the people’s apothecary! This 10% of transition aficiados seem to have an added longevity and health benefit! Heat Shock Proteins Another Longevity Factor?

The Sauna has all kinds of metabolic benefits, including, despite disparagement from many mainstream sources, the actual assisted riddance over time of metal toxins, urea which becomes part of sweat, bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates. With optimal time then improved blood flow, pressure and even cognition...an improvement of mitochondrial biogenesis is the key and the optimization of heat shock proteins and reduces cardiovascular risk. The massive improvement of functionality of mitochondria is the biologic DNA expressed fulcrum…and includes added bonus to correlation of reduction for dementia and Alzheimer’s risk. Essentially the mitochondria are assisted in their functionality through Stem Cell optimization in ability to coordinate programmed cell death. Plus Plus…athletes now also optimize and improve their performance! But do not talk about it! However the gain is from a boost of growth hormone secretion and naturally! There is a link between heat exposure and brain derived nerotrophic factor  BDNF which activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons! For instance exercise is good anyway for BDNF but when done so in the heat there is an added increase…demonstrating a combination of heat stress to exercise ‘per se’. If we listen carefully to the YouTube there seems a definite connection between HSP and longevity and even added bonus of a positive to fight skeletal muscle atrophy. The amount of time in that Sauna?..Rhonda points to the magic of 20 minutes minimum! and the more the merrier…seven times a week if possible! Heat Shock Proteins Another Longevity Factor?