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Fasting Initiates Younger Stem Cells…Practicalities!

Fasting Initiates Younger Stem Cells...Practicalities!
Fasting Initiates Younger Stem Cells...Practicalities!

With great respect to see advocates of particular health disciplines and regimes actually personally experiencing those very disciplines. Results in dynamic and fast learning curve! Damien Blenkinsopp, a pod caster and interviewer, is one of those, in his case it was the results of being infected with Lyme and how to keep that at bay, and also an adrenal issue. But his incredible analysis on a personal basis is really helpful…Fasting Initiates Younger Stem Cells…Practicalities!… and on many fronts: 1) He has analysed the Valter Longo Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)…and understood an easy substitute…if one is to choose this route…for the actual diet. Essentially it boils down to two large avocados or three small ones a day! Then a substitute for other essentials such as micro nutrients and this seems to provide the proper balance between protein…Valter Longo not fond of too much protein, but Fat…he likes good fats…and carbs! The concern…to “handle” the period of fasting…no doubt the vast majority need a compromise and from many angles. Valter Longo is obviously ALSO concerned, particularly living in California, with liability and risk. The shock for most, particularly if not in great a shape (maybe literally with the obesity crisis!) and of advancing years…of an outright fast…may be crossing a very difficult and fuzzy line!

Key to ensure that water fast, which instinctively believe reasonably fit body can withstand time span of Hormesis…of say maximum five days: 1) depletes gut fat during actual fast, (particularly if that already low BMI)… by minuscule amount…2) detracts muscle mass minuscule amount…and is replenished effectively during re-feeding stage…3) that micro-nutrients are maintained but do not detract from fast...4) that hydration is maintained and seemingly Himalayan or Sea Salt added as important part of process…5) that gut health is not detracted to a large degree…remember with the water fast as opposed to say the FMD or even Damien Blenkinsopp substitute of avocados that contain fiber…is absent of fiber!..very little comment in this direction! 6) That replenishment after modified water fast is after few days results in fast equalization! With one exception and PLUS: the extraordinary accomplishment of regeneration of personally like to refer to as ground zero stem cells! Fasting Initiates Younger Stem Cells…Practicalities!

the extraordinary accomplishment of regeneration of personally like to refer to as ground zero stem cells! Fasting Initiates Younger Stem Cells…Practicalities!

Damien Blenkinsopp has actually undergone both a five day and a fifteen day water fast and has carefully documented the process with his modifications, to a superb degree. Should also call his fast a modified water fast with micronutrients! Conclusion…for those without the really high level of self discipline…the subsituted FMD! Means each month for three months and then perhaps a routine of twice a year…But this additional third alternative: the modified micronutrient water fast…or as Damien describes it “reduced FMD”, may be more effective in terms of Stem Cell rejuvenation than the FMD. And frankly one can probably start on this with three days and work towards the five days…that’s gut reaction! This way one can personally judge effects on microbiome that is really always a reservation with complete fasting! Again a similar overall implementation timetable. By way of confirmation of this the following quote from Damien: “My personal goal for this experiment was to emphasize regeneration of the immune system – and I’m impatient about it. So I used a reduced FMD this time to ensure that I was giving my body as strong as possible starvation signal, while supporting its processes. For this reasons I cut out the macronutrient intake (the avocados) and only went with the 4 tablespoons per day of greens powder (micronutrient intake). So the experiment results you’ll see below are from a modified FMD (this discussed above!)– just the micronutrient intake: Specifically this is what I consumed during each of the five fast days: 4 tablespoons of greens powder…Filtered water with real salt added…2 cups of black coffee…Activated charcoal from time to time as a gut toxin binder.”

In conclusion best is some advice from that guru Dr. Joseph Mercola: “Headaches are also common when you first start water fasting. These too can often be minimized by taking salt. An alternative to eating salt straight, or putting it in water, is to add it to a bit of bone broth. Another important mineral is magnesium. It’s particularly important if you are diabetic, as magnesium deficiency is very common among Type 2 diabetics. This is another possible culprit if you’re getting muscle cramps…There are several types of magnesium, some of which are more poorly absorbed than others. During water fasting, your best bet is to use Epsom salt baths, as this allows your body to absorb the magnesium through your skin rather than your digestive tract. Magnesium has a laxative effect in high doses, and when you’re not eating anything, oral magnesium can easily result in “disaster pants.” Multivitamins can also be useful during extended fasts, especially if you’re doing them regularly. It is also important to understand that if you are on a multiday water fast you will liberate many toxins from your fat stores, so using an infrared sauna and taking effective binders, like chlorella, modified citrus pectin, cilantro or even activated charcoal can help eliminate these liberated toxins from your body and prevent their reabsorption.” Emphasis from this Blog!…Way to go Joseph and Damien both good practical advice…and very difficult to find!! Fasting Initiates Younger Stem Cells…Practicalities!