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Valter Longo On Avoidance Muscle Wastage

Valter Longo On Avoidance Muscle Wastage
Valter Longo On Avoidance Muscle Wastage

Valter Longo On Avoidance Muscle Wastage. His down to earth research and over quite some period of time now opens the Longevity Pandora’s Box. Celebrated health gurus…advocating Intermittent Fasting to create Ketone metabolism may have to readjust. Often happens in life…if the ship just one or two degrees off course, the destination targeted by dead reckoning widely missed! Find really interesting: few interviewers out there ask the right questions. Dr. Joseph Mercola does! Indeed, he has written own book efficacy of fat burning, and also run into problems himself with his window of periodic fasting suggesting 8 hour or less period of eating during 24 hours. Consequence he advocates ‘cycling’ and number of procedures to offset negative consequences. I, myself have personally observed dangers of this severely restricted window with too much visceral depletion.

Particularly exacerbated with other risks if one contemporaneously exercises…in manner that effectively produces right signalling pathways from exercise or weights… BUT OFTEN FAILURE OF A TIMELY MINIMUM NECESSARY PROTEIN to prevent subsequent muscle wastage after the workout…Minimum seems to be JUST OVER 30 grams of protein TIMELY…BUT MEANS AFTER adopting other research indications of Valter Longo…just about half of the MAXIMUM daily protein intake NOW ALREADY utilized!

Ideal number of protein grams per day is 0.31 to 0.37 grams per lb. TRANSLATED: For 150 lb. person approximately 50 grams! There IS suggestion that ATHLETES AND SENIORS should somewhat increase on weight lifting days… HIST (High Intensity Strength Training)…lets say by some 20 grams on this formula! Similarly same increase for those days undertaking HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). What does this mean practically! Valter Longo On Avoidance Muscle Wastage

Ideally protein intake to any serious degree should not PRECEDE EITHER HIST OR HIIT…other than say modicum typical light non-glycemic breakfast… that literally BREAKS FAST… preferably after 12 hours fasting (and apparently not much variation from that…see Blue Zones results as discussed by Longo!) Means minimum 30 grams just post exercise and not too much post… to optimize muscle rebuild and imperatively to avoid muscle wastage in absence of this triggering effect. Solution: rapidly metabolized ‘Whey drink‘.. with the right contents…so sugars or items such as sucralose outlawed…Stevia is almost only sugar substitute acceptable! Now this muscle wastage seems also to be avoided during periodic Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMD) meaning that the reduced protein formula actually protects muscle wastage where which a water diet may not accomplish! But needed is enough visceral fat in the first place to even start FMD. Too much so called intermittent fasting may just take too much of those fats! Twelve hours as practiced by Blue Zones seems most successful. Longevity pods such as Okinawan, Sardinian, and even parts of Sicily seems just fine on that formula. BUT THE BIG LONGEVITY QUANTUM LEAP MAYBE WITH FMDs? Valter Longo On Avoidance Muscle Wastage