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Grounding Is ‘Earth’ Health Savvy!

Grounding Is 'Earth' Health Savvy!
Grounding Is 'Earth' Health Savvy!

Grounding concept a natural! Understanding our evolutionary environmental ‘adaptation’ important …we humans are actually endowed and capable of utilizing our extremely hostile world envelope to trigger our DNA pathways advantageously! BUT this ‘so called’ societal and ‘supposedly’ sophisticated ‘Western World’…and soon ‘World World’…thanks to ‘Western’ gift to humanity!..has created health turmoil! Foods we abuse…or should avoid…Movement, we have forgotten…HIIT…actually statistical rarity, despite gyms and exercise craze… Daylight & Sunlight exposure, that indoor effective confinement renders minimal…(except for short bursts of almost maniacal dangerous suntanning, often accompanied by negating alcohol!)…Circadian rhythms upheaval …EMF Exposure…(soon to be blogged on this site…but potentially ‘deadly’…worry, especially for our children)…Toxin exposure: CAFO, Pesticides, Herbicides, PCB, Mercury, Lead, Plastics, Genetic Engineering, GMO, DDT (those that survived the 40s through 70s when finally banned!) Roundup (containing Glyphosates), Antibiotic Resistance, Processed foods, addictive High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), dangerous Fats, Diet additives…it’s almost unending, confusing…but with guidance can be effectively minimized! One health arrow?…to return to subject: GROUNDING…this is just a POSITIVE healthy adaptation that we all should USE. Grounding Is ‘Earth’ Health Savvy!

Past, aware of importance grounding…but candidly was under misconception relating to TIME needed! Anyone watching lightning, when negatives in ionosphere split charged molecules ground may be intellectually swayed into biologic analogy..BUT NOT SO…human electron benefits actually need some time for optimization to benefit our intricately wired bodies! Example: Dr. Joseph Mercola living in Florida, envy for his lifestyle of daily two hours walking barefoot on beach, reading, interrupted with short measure nitric oxide dump workouts! But he is right!

We need grounding to our electron-enriched Earth to which we are intricately adapted! Grounding Is ‘Earth’ Health Savvy!

Effective, proactive implementation…solution? vitally important for Northern Latitudes residents, is relatively easy…take sun breaks as often as possible in winter! But that is sporadic! I am ordering a grounding mat that can be used for work or home! Tough to rely and ensure that your shower is: 1) grounded! and 2) enough time spent there! So…adjustment! similar to just getting up frequently from our desks and ‘moving’…we really are simulating our ancestors, without whom and without their ‘grounded’ lives, we would not exist! Grounding Is ‘Earth’ Health Savvy!