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Antibiotics Death Disaster Reality!

Antibiotics Death Disaster Reality
Antibiotics Death Disaster Reality

Standard theme of mine is Antibiotics Death Disaster Reality!..and now! Indeed, when one reflects that the drug and pharmaceutical industry, with all that wealth, have not created a single new antibiotic for the last few decades. Think it was 1987, and have failed to warn us of this Doomsday, it is mind boggling.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that it’s because of our own overuse of antibiotics, that there exists any problem at all. The reality, as I have pointed out elsewhere in this site, that CAFOs…Confined Animal Feeding Operations…that provide us with an abundance of ‘cheap’ meats, are really primarily responsible. Now also include the rapid growth of fish farming enterprises, where fish can only survive in massively overcrowded conditions, with necessary application of tons of antibiotics to avoid disease. Even our wild fish are now subject to toxins…our oceans themselves are but one big dumping ground for polluted and myriad damaging substances.

Operations that allow animals to wallow in really confined and squalid quarters, could not exist without continual antibiotic administration. Thus Antibiotics Death Disaster Reality!

Growth of CAFOs over past few decades, particularly in U.S. has been phenomenal. Numbers of animals almost countless, conditions usually rigorously guarded and secretive. These enterprises just generate and multi-accelerate growth of antibiotic resistant organisms. This in my opinion is the prime reason for the looming, prospective Doomsday!

As Dr. Gregor has described: “We may be at the dawn of a post-antibiotic era…from cradle to grave, antibiotics have become pivotal in safeguarding the overall health of human societies”. What is worrying for example…that methicillin-resistant…Staph aureus, or MRSA, which is really serious bug…can find itself in pork meat.  Result…one way or another may reach one’s home just that way! Unless we are really diligent as to cleansing, washing hands, using boiling water on cutting boards….etc. etc. the health risks are huge. Imagine U.S. pork producers use about 30 antibiotics, and do not need prescriptions, to their pork feed! No wonder we are in trouble, and these kinds of super-bugs are prolific. Already thousands of us are currently falling victims!..with our limited effective antibiotic available arsenal…difficult to handle. BUT soon then believe is looming Antibiotics Death Disaster Reality! What then?

Updated from May 2016