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Iron Overload!

Iron Overload!
Iron Overload!

Most general medical practices are a little hazy of the true implications of iron deficiencies, particularly signs of Iron Overload!..nor for that matter do they even put their minds to the appropriate tests, nor have the apparent awareness of the dangerous implications attached.

most adult men and non-menstruating women have too much iron…Iron Overload!

Iron is one of those minerals that is affected by our paleolithic origin. Having passed on our genes Darwinian style our DNA has found no real survival reason to especially exclude. Hence the build-up, and probable overload, in as many as one in three males and postmenopausal women. There is also a genetic disorder called hemochromatosis, which results in devastatingly harsh results because of the inability to eliminate iron. This just provides an added backdrop of concern, as there seems to exist an unusually high statistical incidence of this genetic propensity within the North American population. A useful reference is Gerry Koneig’s web page…he is the former chairman of Iron Disorders Institute and Hemochromatosis Foundation. Reference web: HealtheIron.com.

Getting back to our ‘at risk’ population though… The Serum Ferritin test measures stored iron and I would suggest testing annually. Also Avoid iron supplements, particularly in multivitamins., where iron, except for ‘seniors’, is nearly always present. For overload…just donate blood!! Nonaction produces effects that replicate Metabolic Syndrome disorders…as discussed on this blog, including cancer and neurodegenerative issues.

Serum ferritin results should ideally be as low as 40 – 60 ng/ml. But this one consult doctor! What happens?…excess iron causes Fenton’s reaction, instead of water being produced as a normal oxidation byproduct of carbohydrates or fat in our mitochondria…the Krebs cycle, and producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate)…Fenton’s causes excessive iron catalysis: the formation of hydroxyl free radicals, decimating mitochondrial DNA, transport proteins and cellular membranes. All described by Dr. Mercola as seriously potent and destructive! His view is that few understand the molecular biology involved. A net Overconsumption of carbs…total minus fiber…meaning more primary fuel, cause most people to be in this dietary trap.  Solution: healthy fats… good Omega 3s including Krill oil, Coconut oil, Cold-Pressed Olive oil, Avocado Oil, multivitamins without iron! A good read on the subject would be “Dumping Iron: How to Ditch This Secret Killer and Reclaim Your Health which is an easy to understand resource. Know: Iron Overload!