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Saturated Fat Vindication

Saturated Fat Vindication
Saturated Fat Vindication

Very misled, and even conned, as victim of 1960s, in terms of official ‘attitude’ to fats. Ancel Keys ‘key’ researcher, all those decades ago, advocated association between heart disease and saturated fat. His full research never completely disclosed! That study’s influence was far reaching, affecting medicine, government, regulations, diet and foods understanding worldwide! Because Ancel Keys from his personal agenda, did not ‘prove’ his hypothetical theory, he actually, amazingly suppressed those unfavourable results. Now finally…Saturated Fat Vindication! We can thank Christopher Ramsden, a scientist of National Institutes of Health, who found missing research data among possessions of deceased scientist Ancel Keys.

Ramsden was involved in original study involving approximately 10,000 persons between 1968 and 1973. which confirmed vegetable oils lowered total cholesterol levels approximately 14% after one year, BUT also discovered in data that this lower cholesterol did NOT result in better health or longevity. Thus Saturated Fat Vindication!

This prevailing negative saturated fat belief was allowed to propagate! BUT more startling, original research demonstrated lower the cholesterol, the HIGHER risk of death! Numbers unearthed by Ramsden showed that for every 30 point drop in total cholesterol there was a 22% HIGHER death risk. With respect to seniors over 65, those that received vegetable oil were up on the death count by 15% compared to the saturated fat group!

Metabolic capacity for omega-6 severely limited, and our mitochondrial machinery oxidatively suffers simply because we cannot burn more than a limited amount of omega-6 as fuel. We are chronically short on omega-3s and our ratios to omega-3 are usually out of whack…this makes sense when viewed with our paleolithic origins as hunter gatherers. Today, vegetable oils, likes Canola, origins States perform more negatively, because of highly processed GMO crop origins, and association with toxic herbicides. Anyway, usual vegetable oils, avoid, and especially when cooking. With heat, unlike Avocado, they oxidize badly. Even good oils, like Olive, do not heat, take cold! Otherwise changes chemically negatively. Simplistic terms…avoid consequential inflammation that drives negative mitochondrial result…and resulting indirect inflammation enemy…for example: arterial plaque deposits. BUT, corollary is also important…that scapegoat up to now, saturated fat, so long as it is good Saturated Fat like Avocado, actually has positive effect! Again Saturated Fat Vindication!