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Exercising Dogs Is Mutual Benefit!

Exercising Dogs Is Mutual Benefit!
Exercising Dogs Is Mutual Benefit!

Exercising Dogs Is Mutual Benefit! Really interesting what prompts us! if we have that bond with our dog benefit is huge! New York Times article revealing. Fundamental requirement…unlike cats!..dogs depend upon humans to relieve themselves! Personally have dog…about 35 pounds, cockapooh…mix cocker spaniel and poodle. Huge advantage non shedding! Another female, loyalty to her pack…as opposed male dogs with tendency to wander! Also poodle level of intelligence makes training rewarding. Gift to dog when commands enables free running as opposed to perpetual leash…which, long term, pet health disaster! They benefit enormously from HIIT…as do we! So rule one train your dog. Easier than one thinks…but much easier if an early start. Tough to teach old dogs new tricks! Key, provide consistent commands and rewards…Alternative, enroll in dog training programs…works but costly. But learning the process oneself is bonding! Unfortunately the restrictions imposed by municipalities respecting leashing are almost unbelievable, and no doubt caused by the lowest common denominator of having to control pet dogs, as unfortunately, most pet owners seem to have not slightest clue!!

‘Lassie’ effect does exist, although personally shocked by New York Times article. Apparently about 40% of dog owners United States do NOT walk dogs. But Exercising Dogs Is Mutual Benefit!

Dr. Carri Westgarth, research fellow in public health at the University of Liverpool in England, led this new study with surprising results. She recently began program to encourage physical activity through dog walking which was in published BMC Public Health. But such efforts would not be sustainable, she thought, unless scientists understood and responded to the obstacles to dog walking. Primary factors were: bonding or affection for pet…proximity local parks…size of dog…the small and large suffer! But why would someone forgo walking imperiling well-being of owner and pet? If dog trained, then option of benefits HIIT for both!..imagine most dogs doomed to the leash for their lives! Total daily foot mileage naturally increases with regular dog walks. Time walks right and after meals…then the sugar spikes naturally controlled, and glycemic index kept down! Particularly important end of day…one needs that three hour interval before going to bed. Consistent leveling of sugar levels ultimately solves host of metabolic syndrome issues, including insulin resistance. Exercising Dogs Is Mutual Benefit!