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Dreams: Happier & Health Wise!

Dreams: Happier & Health Wise!
Dreams: Happier & Health Wise!

Three daughters! Oldest, thought she might follow my steps into legal world…would not recommend now even for court work…too paper driven, protracted and expensive!..but brilliant friend, now unfortunately deceased, results metabolic syndrome disease, Don Cox, cautioned to aptitude test at Johnson O’Connor Institute in Seattle. O’Connor several in US, founded 1922 by Johnson…real foresight…even believed aptitudes are reflected in biological differences within our brains…Institute since funded research confirming this proposition with MRI imaging… and according own belief. She, encouraged to follow own aptitudes, instead studied, graduated art…and has achieved huge satisfaction and success over years…looked after extended family, yet always plied art with obvious daily enthusiasm…innovative, paints, graphics, experiments new mediums, teaches, and even success financially in arts sector tragically poorly rewarded…Unless artist ancient and deceased…Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi at $450 Million…a world painting auction record!…even authenticity questions! recently Christie auction London. But: Follow Dreams: Happier & Health Wise!

Other two still at school, key again to follow aptitudes and interests..at all costs! Even more costly otherwise! When it comes to career: Don’s play safe! Follow Gut and Heart! Follow Dreams: Happier & Health Wise!

IQ tests informational, but of limited value career selection…prefer O’Connor aptitude tests…results form informational pattern showing strengths/weaknesses. Interests change, but aptitudes do not, as they are natural abilities…and aptitude does not equate to intelligence…sheer waste of talent not to follow those abilities…and success in career and life more likely…but key ALSO prime dividend of this formula: longevity and health as otherwise stress is the killer. Cortisol is the harvest and continual endocrine cortisol means inflammation…and inflammation means metabolic syndrome disease. Wrong choice of career not easily managed..can significantly contribute chronic complications: high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, circulatory, heart issues, cancer, tiredness, hampering immune system with vulnerability to infections…BUT ALSO interference with memory and brain function…a contributor of Brain Fog and Dementia.

Two people can have identical IQ scores but very different aptitude patterns which remain stable throughout life. Aptitudes not interests, which can change. However, same aptitudes at any age…natural abilities. Follow Dreams: Happier & Health Wise!