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Mushrooms Extremely Healthy But Dangerous!

Mushrooms Extremely Healthy But Dangerous!
Mushrooms Extremely Healthy But Dangerous!
Hanker after mushrooms as food, instinctively believing in merits. Exposure to European and Asian cultures encourages that mindset. BUT…serious caveat! Picking mushrooms for food without intimate knowledge extremely dangerous!
Years ago went mushrooming in Kent, England, with my hosts. Enthusiastically, with my encouragement, we collected a type of mushroom that looked “safe”. It’s appearance similar to edible mushroom in a mushroom book we consulted!
That evening it was too late actually cook mushrooms for that evening meal. Just out of interest, effected an overnight ‘spore test’ that provides particularized pattern on base paper towel.
Reviewing that spore test in morning to my horror turned out mushrooms in fact only looked like a safe mushroom but highly poisonous. Death extremely ugly, and really no antidote! So always work with real expertise! 
Rarely come across such informative health discussion on any particular subject as Dr. Joseph Mercola respecting mushrooms. Also gives us further knowledge eluding 99% of mushroom enthusiasts.
Mycelium, the underground hidden part of mushroom is most important health aspect.
This, no doubt interconnected to our ancestry, DNA survival, and DNA expression facility.
We go back millennia in this respect and the symbiosis I instinctively subscribe to.
BUT we are all busy…need real expertise to benefit safely…and benefits huge!…from this incredible product, part of world fungi for mind boggling multi-millions if not billions years.
Further significant aspect. Potential promotion of our health from gut to brain simply because of that, until recently, little understood evolutionary development.

means Brain health is absolute for fighting Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The right combination of full spectrum mushroom alliance overwhelmingly advantageous.

Joseph Mercola not specifically zeroed on further step…but to me, it’s an obvious. Yet another arrow in quiver in fight against Alzheimer’s. This an already mighty, now worldwide, scourge resulting from Insulin Resistant Syndrome.

Surely to become part of my arsenal of many arrows…will specifically cover in forthcoming Alzheimer’s e-book.

This immediately to assist with multi-faceted attack on tragedy Dementia and Alzheimer’s, and NOW! Always remember though Mushrooms can be Extremely Healthy But can also be Dangerous! In doubt do a spore test!