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Debate White vs Brown Rice!

Debate White vs Brown Rice
Debate White vs Brown Rice

I was raised in Asia, and consequently introduced to rice early. BUT the rice was always white. This still remains a given and the ‘known’ traditional Asian staple. Do not try to order Brown Rice in a restaurant in Hong Kong, or the rest of Asia for that matter! They are just not exposed to brown rice!

So what is this Debate White vs Brown Rice!?
Interesting relative superior comparatives of white rice over wheat products nevertheless are positive.
All previously discussed and revolves around gluten, type of wheat, GMOs, toxins and so on.
Superiority also evident in historical ‘body fat’ reviews of Asians…their complementary food intake WITH rice always modulated in personal thinking of what our overall paleolithic diet should approach.

It is only the advent of our North American style diets, and introduction to Asia that Obesity suddenly With accompanying problems of massive increase of sugars, non-fiber carbohydrates, High Fructose Corn Syrup, wrong fats, too much protein, all really revolving around processed foods. Now causing massive negative health explosion in previously ‘non-contaminated’ world regions.

A large meta-analysis conducted and published four years ago as a result actually connected white rice consumption with diabetes which unfortunately NOW includes Asian countries.

In the US, brown rice has demonstrated significant lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
There were other benefits as well. It’s been reported that with respect to overweight women, it seems conclusive that those switching to brown rice, enjoyed significantly more weight loss, lower blood pressure, and less inflammation.
So here we have one simple action producing an apparently direct cause and effect, but is revolves around an already confused Lifestyle and North American Diet!

With an aggressive implementation of other metabolic syndrome disease ‘attack’ modules. Get rid of obvious negatives, example: smoking. A great tip Dr. Mercola: If STILL smoking, offset with antioxidants such as Astaxanthin. 

Then concentrate positives: exercising, nutritional advice this WEB. Avoidance implicit, including toxins: related to CAFOs, GE and GMO foods, glyphosates! Organic where ever possible; balance the magic three to much more good fats.

But IF you live in North America…Not Asia!…Then back to the theme of this BLOG…where ever you happen to have a Rice choice…then BROWN plus it avoid arsenic big time!