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Gut Triggers Health & Overcomes Depression

Gut Triggers Health & Overcomes Depression
Gut Triggers Health & Overcomes Depression

It is staggering to think that more than 100 years ago in early 20th century London, Dr. George Porter Phillips was a ‘foreteller’ of the importance of our microbiome.

This forward-thinking doctor, during his ’rounds’ in Bethlem Royal Hospital, noticed that his patients with constipation showed distinct signs of ‘Melancholia’. In other words Depression.

His rhetorical question: was the depression causing constipation, or vice versa?

He fed 18 patients a diet without meats, but with some fish, and kefir or fermented milk that contains the lactobacillus bacteria.

Eleven cured completely of melancholia or depression! Two additional significantly! A fantastic result!

We know in leaky gut cases, cytokines fight infection and a consequence is Depression.

Existing Anti-depressants attempt to control Seratonin levels in our brains. These generally are not effective.

Antidepressants themselves can be destructive to the microbiome, thus a vicious circle.

90% of serotonin is made in the gut! Our Vegus nerve interacts intricately with those trillions of gut bacteria.

One in ten Americans are on SSRIs or Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors….these wipe out healthy gut bacteria. It is just a vicious ‘Catch 22’.

Echoed by Jane Allyson Foster of McMaster University, Canada, that within a significant subset of patients “Microbes Influence Mental Health”.

Dr. Phillips more than 100 years ago followed his instincts and worked on healing his patients’ gut to improve their mental health.

And amazingly, it worked! We have been so slow to understand, but now with advanced equipment, there is no excuse but to fast track this science.

Drastic efforts including fecal transplants may be needed to reseed our guts.

Harvard recently published 13 studies confirming that the gut is the root cause of mental deterioration. This includes a variety of issues including Dementia.

But recent research in Belgium found that Depression sufferers were missing two species of gut microbes: Coprococcus and Dialister. It’s so much gut microbe inter-involvement.

Yes indeed our minds are so interactive with our gut, and our Vagus Nerve is the continual feedback loop sensing by the split second the gut status. This often results in a Depressed state.

Back in classic Greek times, Hippocrates believed that “All disease begins in the gut”… he was right! Gut Triggers Health & Overcomes Depression.