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Bonus Recent Water Fasting Experience!

Bonus Recent Water Fasting Experience!
Bonus Recent Water Fasting Experience!

Memory of details quickly fades, so I thought I would document my most recent Water Fasting session that ended at 8.00 am, Thursday 20th. May 2021. I’m currently on a repetition cycle of every four months, so I will have another go again in September.

At this point I have fasted many times and am a huge believer in the multiple benefits that it generates.  I have however, had to ‘build’ up a process enabling those benefits from cyclic fasting, now three times a year.

Day One:

I prefer to start if possible on the weekend. Last square meal on Saturday evening (completed by 7 PM) and go for four and a half days concluding on Thursday morning.

  • The Office is supportive and know not to eat in front of me. Get black coffees and water in abundance. Fluid is vital!
  • Theory that day one without water and food is three times more effective! Skeptical, find having a drink in one’s hand a useful distraction.
  • Key to a water fast is the inherent memory of the body to ‘remember’ Ketosis, or fat burning.
  • Several caveats to full Water Fasting: pregnant mothers, children, teens, those on medication, etc.
  • All this is to be found in this Blog by searching. Vitally important to realize limitations.
  • Water Fasting without prior conditioning and Medical advice can be dangerous.
  • That said, upside is HUGE! We are talking about the possibility of extra decades, although longevity genes do score serious points!

Day Two:

First day without too much issue, because I do not regularly partake in intermittent fasting, there was some need for memory adaptation from previous conditioning!

  • Always temptation, if there is a good meal being cooked, to abandon fasting for another time! Not much time invested at this juncture!
  • Second day conscious of Water only…and tried to keep water or black coffees in my hand!
  • Particularly keen to avoid food smells and people eating in the evening.
  • Distracted by an action movie…the recent most James Bond, and got through to the following morning.

At this point I have gone through Water Fasting many times.

Day Three:

Getting through this day, I know that I’m now past the magic half way point. Expected to feel more uncomfortable than I did.

Day Four:

Really tough. Abandoned any semblance of a reduced workout during the night and early morning. Kept up cold shock proteins with cold shower! Even at this time of the year the water is particularly cold as Vancouver reservoir is fed from melting snow.

  • Symptoms of some dizziness and a bit of pain in my chest that I believe came from workouts on days One and Two.

Four and Half days:

Completed this morning and felt weak. But spent some time for appropriate refeeding.

  • A soup in the morning of vegetables. Took four or five heated bowls over two hours.
  • Came to office and Hot and Sour vegetable soup prepared by colleague. Spicey enough to be palatably delicious! Many types of fresh mushrooms and organic tofu from China Town.
  • Avoided an egg omlette at a friend’s restaurant, Just! Refeeding microbiome at this initial stage important with right flora! Leave eggs and animal proteins out for the first day!
  • Now post lunch and can feel refeeding process kicking in. Miracle of rapid stem cell redeployment and vigorous. Secret for longevity.


  • Lost about nine lbs. Soon regained. Full stem cell reactiveness after 10 days refeeding,
  • The following evening, I’d gained in excess of four lbs through a relatively gentle refeeding.
  • Attribute this to the high volume of fiber and vegetable matter in the many soups on refeeding!
  • The Alimentary Canal is getting restocked and with the material right for favourable microbes and bacteria…that massive symbiotic DNA reservoir!
  • Benefits are no Insulin Resistance for period. Ketones in the Brain, important for Memory retention and recall.
  • And disease prevention with a quantum leap in Longevity! Bonus Recent Water Fasting Experience!