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Alarming Alzheimer’s Solution Multi-Modalities?

Alarming Alzheimer's Solution Multi-Modalities?
Alarming Alzheimer's Solution Multi-Modalities?

This video taxing as most of us have memory issues:
If remembering names on the street is something you have continuously lived with for adult life that puts it more into a benign context!
Later being able to describe a time when you were forgetful, such as misplacing your keys, that’s also a good sign.
The more serious signal is not being able to recall situations when memory loss caused a problem.

Alzheimer’s officially ‘sixth cause of death’, but probably now ‘third cause’ in reality. Reason misdiagnosis and interpretations! But anyway gaining rapid ground! Right behind heart disease and cancer!

But to the ‘fight key’ is to throw as many modalities against the onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s as possible. Even to reverse the process! Admire Dr. Joseph Mercola, who realizes this is a crippling national dilemma and maybe the demise of health care.

I like the following but not all-encompassing modalities:

Avoid sugars, particularly High Fructose Corn Syrup in Processed Foods. This bequest of the Nixon era in the search for lower-priced foods!

Also pesticides, GMOs, vegetable oils, and glutens, even too much dairy.

This general guidance, but some more tolerant of gluten, and with dairy.

My admonition: we are the only animal to happily consume another animal’s breastfeeding milk!

Also alcohol carcinogenic, also potentially dangerous for the brain. It is a toxin.

But our vitamin D levels invariably below par! My gut: some real sunshine excellent. personally only go say seven minutes back and front with the shirt off. I tend to avoid exposure on the face and wear a baseball cap!

Tragedy those in Northern Latitudes invariably need to make up and compensate somehow. Pill form may be the only way!

Personally take 5000 international units Vitamin D but with Vitamin K (from Natto bean!) This acts as a catalyst! Also use Ubiquinol, (the active form of CoQ10), and adds to that boost.

I get the Ubiquinol from Dr. Merola! The lighter skin we are, the less Natural sunlight needed! (and converse!) It should be around midday. This is only effective in the summer for Northern Climes!

Take low net carbs, high good fats, Also a moderate protein objective! We are now beyond Dr. Atkin’s type of diets! For me at 145 pounds with 5% body fat, practically means about 70 grams!

For other Modalities like Avoidance of Mercury, Aluminum, embracing Magnesium; the Embracing of Photomodulation, Look at our articles!

Also, a low net-carb ketogenic diet or ketone metabolism is crucial for protecting brain health and preventing degeneration:
This helps prevent brain atrophy and may even restore neuron and nerve function!
Remember Ketones generate fewer reactive oxygen species (ROS) and less free radical damage.
Also, improves insulin sensitivity another important and strong link and factor in Alzheimer’s.
Reason this brain disease sometimes referred to as Type 3 diabetes. Even mild elevation blood sugar associated risk dementia, diabetes and heart disease.

In summary, is the Alarming Alzheimer’s Solution Multi-Modalities?