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Metabolic Syndrome and Lyme Disease


I dealt with a metabolic approach for cancer that Dr. Young Ko has spearheaded. This was worthy of three parts, Warburg Effect Parts 1, 2, and 3, and can be found on this Web site. Now: Metabolic Syndrome and Lyme Disease.

Fascinating, is that Dr. Ko demonstrates that an over-abundance of sugar, will stimulate a cellular environment encouraging cancer. That concept also creates a generally adverse metabolic climate, which correspondingly promotes a host of general metabolic syndrome problems. Given the views of Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek“, EVEN Lyme Disease, which lurks, takes advantage, and seems to activate, where ever exists an adverse metabolic syndrome climate. Lyme is extremely stealth like…and patients may undergo debilitating antibiotic long term treatment, for example, and yet still elude elimination of Lyme, that seemingly lurks, dodges and weaves within the human host!

Tim Ferriss (above video), is an advocate of the ‘ketogenic diet’, after he personally witnessed, and harnessed, the reversal of his own Lyme disease. Hence Metabolic Syndrome and Lyme Disease

Imagine the combination of reducing sugar AND a ketone diet….this incidentally can be accomplished with a daily partial fast. This way the body is subjected to a direct fat burn regularly. In short order, what Tim Ferris is advocating: to suppress the effects of Lyme, is to reduce the sugar, AND increase the ketones! A partial fast…but see my comments to come, and generally as to varying even the partial fast!…is easy to implement and extremely effective against Metabolic Syndrome and Lyme Disease. Our bodies are designed for two metabolisms and we inherit this from our Paleolithic origins. We normally burned fat ketogenically. Just take a look at the ‘survival’ programs to understand how the body promptly and effectively burns away fat reserves to survive… this just reinforces what our forbears had to regularly endure over countless generations. I am talking millennia! But thanks to our ridiculous sugar and carbohydrate ‘over the top’ lifestyle, plus countless non DNA ‘expressive’ activities…our bodies have literally ‘forgotten’ how to implement this miraculous and natural metabolism. Tim Ferriss has not forgotten! I compliment him, and advocate his book and thinking for Lyme disease sufferers.. to effectively beat back, and supress the effects of that otherwise continually ‘lurking’ disability.