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Surefire Hormesis Strategy Fights Old Age!

Surefire Hormesis Strategy Fights Old Age!
Surefire Hormesis Strategy Fights Old Age!

A couple of new Hormesis Strategies, thanks to Ari Whitten, to add to the roster! They come under the heading Intermediate Hypoxic Training. The short acronym is IHT. Two practical applications that one can easily accomplish.

The First is a Breath Holding Pranayama Exercise:
This can be accomplished outside just sitting in the open air. Breathe in rapidly, standing you would notice the stomach moving, for some 30 to 50 rapid-fire breaths through the nose.
Then breathe out as much as possible. After that hold as long as possible!
After getting breath back, repeat this process for some 3 to 5 rounds.
For anyone in a weakened condition, just do single sets for about ten seconds. The key is to build up without exhausting oneself!
The second is a Hypoxic exercise that is very simple and can be carried out as you are walking:
Breathe normally and then exhale as much as possible while walking.
Keep pushing out and count your steps. Then when you reach that feeling that you are at your limit, breathe in deeply and get back to normal breathing again.
Then repeat this for multiple rounds!
After some time you should notice the steps increasing!

Interestingly, this type of training is utilized a lot by Russian athletes. But for those who are out of shape and in poor condition the positives may even be greater!

I personally agree with Ari that Hormesis may well be the key to our cellular health.
By that, I include Stem Cell health.
As we age our Stem Cells become very inactive.
Similarly, with our Mitochondria, that can relegate to low numbers and even senescence, unless we uplink our DNA benefit of Hormesis.

But another advantage of building up Mitochondrial numbers is that our Cellular condition not so negatively impacted by Resilience Mode. Instead of all our Mitochondrial resources devoted to fighting, say an infection, with much larger numbers the negative transformative process to Resilience is considerably lessened!

I personally believe Hormesis to be the key to Health and a really effective method for resistance to disease. We just have to make Hormesis events part of our lifestyle!

This blog will give you plenty of ideas! It is optimization, just get most of it right and also fantastically this Surefire Hormesis Strategy Fights Old Age!