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Kickstart Senior Weightloss Longevity Solution!

Kickstart Senior Weightloss Longevity Solution!
Kickstart Senior Weightloss Longevity Solution!

I recently attended my Diamond Anniversary Reunion at Cambridge University, Trinity Hall. Cambridge has a unique College System, all part of the University. Our matriculation intake was around 100, and about 28 attended. Those that did not, may have been too incapacitated for whatever reason however approximately 30 had sadly passed on. Of those that were able to attend, 10 were looking fit and young!

Thankfully, my close colleague M was there and he remains very business-minded. A factor that was of mutual interest, as many others traded on status, inherited wealth and really only in England, the social strings and doors of class! Many had also long retired!

I took some extra time and stayed with M and his family in the West where I realized his personal concerns of, in a short decade, carrying an extra some 56 to 70 lbs, or 4 to 5 ‘Stones’, as they say in Britain!

His main problem in my mind is ‘prediabetic’ or ‘undiagnosed’ with usual medical markers of diabetes, until too late!. Means incipient inflammation, caused by perpetual mounting insulin resistance. This is the gateway for obesity and metabolic syndrome disease now a worldwide epidemic.

Here is a quick summary of what not to eat:
Forget breakfast, but have that coffee without creams, milk and sugars. Finish with cereals, in fact, forget anything processed and marketed out of packages!
While I remember, exclude the ‘con game’ of store-bought yogurts, with masses of sugar, pasteurized and minimal to no probiotics!
Forget breads, if you succumb to temptation, then one or two sourdough or ancient grain, long rising types…never white that equates to sugar!
Restrict honey…maybe little! Drink, mainly water hydration morning, coffee and teas good but not enough to interfere with your sleep…cut off at about 2.00 pm if caffeine affects you.
Try to avoid red meats (steaks, roast, etc). Go with organic as much as possible, no farm fish and nothing from Asia or countries with a marginal record like the Middle East!
Eat good natural fats: particularly Avocado and Olive and Coconut!

You suffer instability, need for a cane, slow mobility. Ever try walking with two 30 lb. weights around a gym! Your mind is bright as a tack. No issues of possible dementia, and little stress either financial or family. Supportive Spouse … Lucky guy!

So the fastest way is with the following:

Intermittent Fasting:
Useful seven days a week, with once or twice an optimal 13 hours fast (includes sleep). The balance varies from 15 hours to 20 hours duration.
Maintain a 3-hour window before bed for your last food intake. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar with meals…just two tablespoons…ignore the taste you get used to it!
There will be marginal ketosis but enough to initiate fat burning to systematically destroy adipose tissue around the waist! Read other articles on this site to understand biology.
Maintain movement throughout the day however slow!
Be ruthless and success will soon be measurable.
It will take a year with full application! Remember to vary the times.

Our bodies like continual, but manageable stress: Friedrich Nietzsche: That which does not kill us makes us stronger! This is hormesis in action!

If your good spouse keeps pushing that breakfast because you are going to work does not want you to be “without”…explain you like “without”!

After a while of this intermittent fasting, there will be no hunger issues or energy issues…you will have more energy! Is a Kickstart Senior Weightloss Longevity Solution!

Oh, and if you live in Northern climate…take Vitamin 5000 units D3 with K2 and Ubiquinol…your diet will naturally look after other nutrients and minerals!