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Insulin Resistance Syndrome?

Insulin Resistance Syndrome?
Insulin Resistance Syndrome?

Stunned, hearing Ivor Cummins, Irish Chemical Engineer, based in Dublin, discuss confused thinking of Medical ‘systems’ relating to Metabolic Syndrome disease. He, back in 2013, with personal health scare, driven utilize his both inductive and analytical engineering mind, to personally research total subject. Result: fantastically informed person, demonstrating complete mastery of subject, cutting through endless, hopeless, muddled thinking. He castigates the usual tests that GPs order…mainly meaningless, but worse… guess work actually driving wrong conclusions and inferences. Insulin Resistance Syndrome?

I like his mind, as I see a similarity, without being smug, to my own. I have used the same familiarity of health generally, biochemistry, but with a legal inductive analysis, to render from chaos understandable summaries. The usual problem, tons of research…what is pertinent, the unsaids, other relevant discipline?…AND what is the induction? Huge similarities in thinking and analysis. But Ivor has moved fast…he has literally digested what I have taken a long time to do, but more, in short order. He practically¬†resolved his own health issue…and as a result castigates decades of research and medical conduct in the arena! But credit to him… now provides badly needed guidance for the human race…guidance that is straight shooting and understandable.

He is far more ‘research’ ‘statistics’ than my own approach..I cater to rapid comprehension, using human analogy and illustration. Insulin Resistance Syndrome?

My issue, shocking family history of heart and circulatory issues. Took precautions, within this last decade, to somehow ‘offset’. One test: CAC from CT scan. This, a measurement of Calcification of one’s heart and its vessels. Ivor specifically discusses, with only too revealing statistics! Horrific. But puts into perspective all the underlying issues…including, that our societal metabolic syndrome issues, in reality an Insulin Resistance Syndrome. That most of us are ‘diabetic’…forget the pre-diabetic label…it’s too late at the rate we discover the truth. That cholesterol readings largely meaningless…all the other items discussed in this blog, seriously important…diet, fasting, foods, organics, toxins, antibiotics, vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, mitochondrial understanding, sunlight….it is a long discussion, best taken in slices at a time, but to help our HEALTH!…Insulin Resistance Syndrome?

(click here to view Ivor Cummins’ complete lecture)