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Aging and Glasses


As we age…. around 45, there seems to be point, where popping a pair of specs on the end of the nose, seems the norm! I cheat, because I have one eye a little more shortsighted! Thanks to Dr. Jory, personal friend, and Harley street specialist, I avoided wish for eye correction surgery to perfect 100/100. He predicted that if I ‘worked’ with it, I may never need eye surgery, and if I REALLY ‘worked’ Aging and Glasses….would never occur!

Well he was nearly right! But recently, I forgot the advice. Popped those specs on for ease of reading from time to time….and now, I think it was mistake! Our eyes are strange…BUT…example: more we squint the worse the result! My advice, just relax…avoid that squint/strain…blink…try to let your eyes focus in a relaxed format. Low and behold they will invariably improve! Recently have noticed the opposite phenomena with a ‘habitual’ use of specs! The eyes actually get worse! Keep those reading glasses around for an emergency, say when the light is poor…but avoid them if you can. Other tips…DO NOT increase that font size on your computer or cell! If anything, once you have regained the relaxed ‘seeing’ ability,….even perversely decrease the size!

Our eyes behave differently as the day progresses…seize the good moments for reading unaided! Aging and Glasses.

Right now I am typing using a normal font, and as the article progresses I have actually lost concerns for effective vision. A further tip. Those optometrists who make money out of corrective lenses…invariably ‘prescribe’ glasses, and this includes children. It’s self serving! Ophthalmic medical profession more conservative, and REALLY conservative those specializing with children! It’s hot and cold! Also a correlation between our lifestyle health, and reading glasses. Take those numbers in Africa located areas of low wheat and high vegetable consumption, coupled with super activity…the low numbers resulting astounding! It starts with children! There reading glasses incentive is monetary driven, but from ‘apposition’.  Literally we threw away my young one’s corrective glasses, ‘prescribed’ by a ‘school’ referral…for the referral this prescription was ‘performance’!? She has not ‘looked’ back! This medicine I should self prescribe!…heck with Aging and Glasses.