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Coconut Lemon Impossible Pie


I like this recipe, Coconut Lemon Impossible Pie. No nonsense approach to a great dessert achievement. BUT this is a Health Blog! We know the serious negative of ‘sugar’, and it’s a bane on our civilization, with a mounting Obesity Crisis.

Metabolic Syndrome issues and the horror now of fighting it’s onslaught…but also fighting with multilayered approach…all concepts to be found in myriad of articles on this WEB!! BUT… practicality prevails. Much to be said for “You are what you eat”, and personally believe that you just cannot “Exercise” your way out of a bad diet. Those hyper trainers, sledge hammering their subjects from obesity to norm, over say about a year of ‘hell’…we have all seen this ‘live’ on the screen…understand desperation, and the sign on for ‘anything’ that seems plausible to help. Understand the dynamics of ‘one on one’ supervision and encouragement, and courage of those ‘OBESE’ to sign on. BUT shudder at what I suspect is the ‘recidivism’ percentage, once the weight achievement. This commentary, understanding human nature, and somehow steering it! A switch to healthy foods with right percentage formula…AND incorporate the layered attack I harp about repeatedly in these WEB articles. So temptation!! This recipe will largely pass if we can just substitute ‘Healthy’ for sugar as number one priority…! Try STEVIA…pronounced not like Steve a male name…but like the ‘e’ in North American accent for ‘leverage’…the Brits use Stevia!!

My experience is that deer just love this leaf that grows wild and originated from South America…experiment with the amount…one does not need too much! Thus a great Coconut Lemon Impossible Pie!

Other comments…tolerate the Wheat…but experiment Gluten free, and maybe mix of whole grains…Like butter as does NOT change consistency with heat…Like Coconut…and the oils from this plant fantastic. Leave out sprinkling icing sugar…dispensable…the pie looks great without it anyway! The key to avoid bad habits, in my opinion, is SUBSTITUTION, and not ABSOLUTE DENIAL…We have to compensate, in this crazy world of indoor life, inertness, screen mania, prepackaged foods, and where maybe 99% of us have never experienced KETOSIS..or the ability directly burn fat using our own metabolism! Bet our fore and pre-forbears were in that perpetual state! BUT…Coconut Lemon Impossible Pie…just adjusted!