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Alzheimer’s World Crisis


Recently Alzheimer’s receiving lot of attention. Accompanying video within this Web article negative, little future hope and shocking…Doomsday…Alzheimer’s World Crisis…BUT lead in YouTube contains seeds of hope, that this WEB espouses. PBS video which, as indicated, linked within this article…opening review covers highlights. It is Doomsday worse order for victims and their loved ones dealing with horror. Tenor effectively sentence of death, often slow and terrifying for afflicted, mental and physical servitude, and frequently financial terror making ends meet. Stress overwhelming, and in turn, is itself passport to metabolic syndrome disease. The whole sector one ghastly sorcerer’s apprentice, running ever increasing speeds, without hope! This WEB has specialized in an analysis of the prevailing research…and hope in the sector of Metabolic Syndrome Disease, phrase personally refer as Insulin Resistant Disease.

The theme consistently prevention…and to try to find the cutting edge of hope and reason. Alzheimer’s World Crisis.

Often we assess every day events in the light of health, to graphically illustrate underlying reasoning. Our followers appreciate this, as it often is easier to put into context, rather than fighting one’s way through complicated research, much of it confused by unavoidable bias of professions, lobbyists, drug companies, Confined Animal Feeding Operations…CAFOs lobbyists, including Pescatorian Operations.

Opening video is worth listening to and it is short…key, three words, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, Harvard…and three words thought to be hope, to prevent, and I say, possibly resolve Dementia and Alzheimer’s afflictions. That is Exercise, Sleep and Mediterranean Diet. Now my optimistic and inquiring mind on this subject is much further ranging than that! It is easier to review the various topics from the Headings relating to Alzheimer’s on this WEB. Will briefly summarize. Diet: Avoid Sugar and include what translates to Sugar such as White Bread, and HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup…or Refined Fructose; never eat processed foods; avoid CAFOs, Eat Organic, optimize Microbiome, Exercise including overall movement, and timing with meals, Use intermittent Fasting effectively, maintain key Nutrients including certain minerals and vitamins, beware certain Drugs such as Statins, anti-depressants, exposure to infections and Dangerous Minerals such as Aluminum and Mercury, be aware of correct Omega 3 and 6 ratios, AND Photomodulation… Here, singularly, my opinion, breakthrough… and Multilayered attack! Alzheimer’s World Crisis.