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Ignite Primordial Prevention For Health Fight!

Primordial Prevention
Primordial Prevention

It is amazing how hopeless our institutions adapt, meaning adaptation is desperately needed to avoid cataclysmic collapse of medical care.

This because of epidemic metabolic syndrome consequences in our so called ‘advanced society’.

Back in 1978 a fantastic concept. But one that you will hardly see mentioned. Or even discussed, including medicine, regulatory, food enterprises, diet associations, care facilities, you name it.

It is called Primordial Prevention
But this 1978 concept back, and before the World Health Organization.
This, endorsed by the American Heart Association, AHA, as strategic goal…we will see what level!…& achievement by 2020. strategy: Primordial Prevention.

What is Primordial Prevention?

To prevent whole societies from effective SELF DESTRUCTION from perceived risk factors.
In other words, it’s prevention at the outset, to avoid even having to go to doctors.

Heart Attacks are the primary cause of death in North America but

The AHA assembled following seven Primordial Factors:
1) No Smoking! 2) No over-weight 3) Be “very active” (a ridiculous threshold of only 22 minutes a day, but walking at that!) 4) eat five servings a day, some fruits and vegetables 5) below average cholesterol (in North America not that difficult, as the average is pretty high!) 6) Normal Blood Pressure (again similar!) 7) Normal Blood Sugars…..that’s it!

All this to be implemented with an goal of reducing Heart Disease by just… and ONLY…. 20% by 2020!

Reality..14,000 surveyed:
majority satisfied 2 or 3..but only 1 out of 2000 Americans had all seven!
Majority failed miserably with diet..less than 3 sodas a week impossible!? Helpings of fruit and vegetables? Even…processed foods…and peripheries not listed, such as salt, toxins, huge servings of meat not counted!..
It’s fine for us to emphasize less meat,… and to ‘approach’ a vegetarian diet…but the overall stats for North America..abysmal

We have an apocalypse, that amounts to an Obesity Crisis..emphasizes Heart Attacks, Diabetes, all the Metabolic Syndrome Diseases, including Cancer and Alzheimer disease. We need the political will to look at that bottom $ line…and reaction!

Primordial Prevention is more important than almost anyone thinks! What is wrong with us. Anyway look at this site as there are overwhelming useful Modalities that when combined are really powerful Health tools!