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Water AND Dry Fast Triggers Triple Formula!

Water AND Dry Fast Triggers Triple Formula!
Water AND Dry Fast Triggers Triple Formula!

Fasting experience is Bar None for Health AND Longevity! Reinforcement from the first hand experience of myself and others is the fantastic benefit of web sites such as this! Below I have placed a YouTube that almost 100% goes along with my thinking.

Before Undertaking a Five Day Fast:
Gain some previous and substantial experience with Partial Fasting.
This means your body has experience accessing fat rather than glucose for energy.
Ketosis then starts. Most people have NEVER experienced production of Ketones!
Absolute tragedy in my mind, and symptomatic of North American and soon to be a world problem of Obesity.
Five days is quite a time. Those on medications, or with Pre or Diabetic conditions, Heart Issues, jump to mind to be really wary. In this kind of category, guidance and monitoring. Thinking North West Clinic near San Francisco..

My real ambition by utilizing the five day fast techniques is Longevity. Properly accomplished then

Good Health becomes a bye-product. But what a combination!

The Five Day Fast:
Now having qualified it is easier than you think! Those who have experienced Ketogenesis will kick in earlier. This means that hunger pains are really minimal.
I personally feed well the day before. It is the feast and famine concept. We are effectively putting our bodies through Hormesis.
Personally drink water that I salt with Himalayan salt. This is better than Sea Salt and far better than table salt! In this manner one is trying to safeguard shock risk.
My personal real ambition is the ‘wake up call’ for Stem Cells. Further Autophagy for Senescent Mitochondria. This so important for those that have passed Fifty.

A new one for me and learnt from Dr. Pompa is the Dry fast. This is avoidance of water and food for the first day. It is not to be trifled with as it is a significant Hormetic effect!

Dry Fast:
Now Dr. David Pompa, who is well versed in this area, worth listening to. And he even engages in an acceleration the first day with a complete water and food fast! He thinks the multiple effect is three times.
But this is only for those who really can read their bodies and have confidence. This I have so far not ventured! But it certainly ensures the benefits of Fasting for the fourth and fifth days in no uncertain manner!