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Peak Fitness & Human Growth Hormone


Dr. Joseph Mercola explains well his realization and solution, result of years personal trial and error with exercise. Means Traditional Aerobics…my perspective, out the window! There are three muscles: 1) white… 10 times fast (super fast) 2)… red (fast) 5 times fast and 3) Red…slow… used by aerobic types. The problem…that we atrophy the super fast and fast, if we only concentrate on traditional aerobic training! Also we waste a lot of time! This way… with only just two or three session times a week..we generate enough Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for effective health, and can fine tune our other fitness and movement strategies! Thus Peak Fitness & Human Growth Hormone.

Recent study demonstrated just ten minutes brisk exercise triggers metabolic changes  lasting at least an hour. Significant: fitter one is…more benefits reaped. USA Today: “…checking a metabolite of fat breakdown, the team found people who were more fit…as measured by oxygen intake during exercise…appeared to be burning more fat than the less fit…the extremely fit …25 Boston Marathon runners–had tenfold increases in that metabolite after the race.” Also confirmed exercise critical controlling blood sugar and normalizing insulin levels, from measurements of biochemical changes during exercise, with alterations to some 20 metabolites..some burning calories and fat, others stabilizing blood sugar.

Normalization of blood sugar critical for overall health and prevention diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Peak Fitness & Human Growth Hormone.

This means ditching traditional aerobic cardio..with what?  Peak Fitness…in itself a natural fat burn! Check out Phil Campbell’s Ready Set Go…for twitching super-fast muscle fibers can increase growth hormone! ‘Peak Fitness’ ‘Mercola’ term…once or twice week raise heart rate to anaerobic threshold for 20 to 30 seconds with 90 second recovery. Cycle up to 8 repetitions…Precede with warm up three mins, and cool down 2 mins…means total 20 mins! Type of exercise can even be fast and slow walking…couple with hills! Or use elliptical, recumbent bike…unfortunately almost all athletes forget their fast and super-fast muscles …particularly marathoners are culprits…can even leads to super fast muscle atrophy! Similarly strength training only deals with slow muscles… Resulting Peak Fitness & Human Growth Hormone.